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  1. Been waiting for a @Hisham Masaad intermediate Yalla push drive for a while! Gutted i cannot make this weekend, but also wasnt near the internet at 1900 on monday either 🤣. Im sure it will be a good one! Enjoy all!
  2. I don't think there is much more for me to add after @Srikumar 's drive report, and @Foxtrot Oscar, @Tom B and @ASAD. I didn't realize on the day, but this full day drive was my 60th drive with Carnity . . . . . who could imagine less than 14months ago I had never got behind the wheel of a 4x4! Testament to the skills taught and learnt during Carnity drives and the amazing Toyota Prado (with only minor modifications!). @Zed I hope you are doing well and see you again in the deserts soon. @ASAD. fantastic job as SL and hope the car is repaired swiftly! @Vaibhav shame you were unable to join us, its been a while since we had the whole gang on one drive. @Waqas Parvez great job supporting through the various challenges! Thanks again @Srikumar, look forward to joining your next adventure! PS. @Srikumar I have your initial pajero bowl escape but its to big to share on whatsapp!
  3. Haha, psyching myself up and thinking “I must not let the PRADO boys down”
  4. Hi @essam ibrahim, For newer Prados, they tend to have lots of "eco" settings that make it more challenging to extract the best performance. As you experienced, using "S" in the desert instead of "D" can help to remove some of these Eco settings. When in S, always make sure the dashboard says "4". If the number changes, the best way to reset is to move the stick to D and then back to S. Once you enter the desert, make sure you disable traction control and set "S" mode.
  5. Thanks @Hisham Masaad for leading us through the sands, and great to see you after last few weeks! well done to @Davie Chase for a fantastic job in managing the refusals and filling the important Centre Forward role! Well done to @MikeSpillane at SL and great to meet a number of new faces in the convoy. Look forward to seeing you all again soon, some photos added to the gallery.
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