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  1. Really sorry everyone , feeling not well when woke up , seems can’t make it , better to be very cautious these days for any flu symptoms . Good luck and happy new year in advance . I removed my name already .
  2. Sorry my dears , have to drop as got an important meeting to attend tomorrow . Wish you a great ride , god bless you all.
  3. My name is there , I can’t stay as well for the night for personal reasons , I saw in the above comments that staying over night is not optional so better I leave the space for another colleague who is willing to spend the night and leave by early morning . @Chaitanya D thanks and have a lovely ride guys . C u in next ones
  4. Thanks leaders and colleagues for the very nice ride , enjoyed it a lot with this great group , lots of tips and learnings I had yesterday , fun , learning and building confidence what we really experienced yesterday with all of you , thanks a lot as well for the very nice photos , c u all in the next rides….. @Ale Vallecchi @Russ @PaoloMaraziti @Sunil Mathew
  5. Hi Vanessa and everyone here , This is Ahmed , I’m riding a Wrangler TJ , not an expert for sure , had few rides in the desert , got all the required staffs mentioned above . looking forward for my first ride with this great group .
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