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  1. This drive was wonderful hours spent in a less explored part of the UAE for me and my wife. Thanks again @Frederic for your calmness and well organised drive. Also thanks for your great sidekick @Vanessa8580 as guiding me through the wadi. See you guys soon again
  2. Hi, I just had a car issue that won't be fixed until next week. I have to pass the drive tomorrow. Hopefully it will bring some joy to the guys on the waitinglist. Have a nice day in the sand. /Ron
  3. Thanks for a great morning in the sand @Ale Vallecchi. My first fewbie and it was very enjoyable as developing, especially when it came to crossing ridges. Thanks for good teamwork and support @Amr Aydin and @Ahmad Nerat
  4. Thank you @Chaitanya D for a great organised drive. My first night desert drive and more will come for sure. Also thanks to @Tom V @Karthik Raptor and @Kailas for your support.
  5. Even though it somehow an easier drive comparing to the usual soft sand, still it was technically challenging and definitely new experience for me to drive the terrain after rainfall. I'm grateful for this opportunity. Thank you @Chaitanya D for your great, calm and safe guidance. Also thanks to @Senthil Kumar and @Davie Chase support. It was a pleasure to meet you guys. See you soon again.
  6. Thank you @Ale Vallecchi for a well organised drive. A lot of lessons learned. Also thanks to @Simon D and @Patrick van der Loo for your support. See you soon again.
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