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  1. A wonderful morning, perfect weather and even perfect convoy. Thanks @Hisham Masaad for a memorable and an amazingly excellent route. The weaving drive just before we encountered the wheel issue was amazing. @Mohamad Anwer Mashallah, your wonderful vehicle powering up the very top of the dunes was a sight to see. As much exciting it would have been for you going up, exactly the same it was for us seeing your rocket ship coast up the top. It was amazing for me to see each of you without exception so competently take on the climbs. @TT_Dubai it was reassuring to see you at the sweep.
  2. @Brette @Pacific @Sunil Mathew @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler Thank you brothers for a wonderful morning drive. Appreciate your efforts throughout. Apologies to the rest of the convoy for heading out earlier in the very end without a goodbye to all as needed to rush for a bio-call. My radio battery was totally gone so couldn't announce it, especially to @Emanuel who was just ahead of me in the drive. See you all soon. Cheers!
  3. @BenjaminRelax. Just as @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler messaged, all details will come up shortly from @Brette. Location pin, Convoy numbering and Radio Freq. Just prepare to reach and have a wonderful and safe experience with the fab Carnity teams. See you soon.
  4. Thanks a million guys for great drive. To all in the group, thanks a million for your patience during the repeated refusals from the start. @marksRightly pointed out a faulty tyre pressure in the very beginning, by then I was jittery, very conscious and nervous till the end which would ensure the vehicle would just not power up any considerable slope because I would chicken out before the car I felt or maybe the 2008 Pajero is ageing up on compression. @Sanjay Malik, @Shaaz Sha @GauravSoni thanks for your supporting words. @George Joubranappreciate you looking out and maintaining distance as I would be failing climbs frequently. A great takeaway was there was that all stucks and refusals were very clearly and precisely guided leading to not a single shovel or tow rope used throughout the drive. Love you guys! Cheers!
  5. Hi @Wrangeld. I’m adding myself to waitlist. I understand it’s very late but since there was no one in waitlist, I’ll check back in morning here and if I’m accepted I’ll quickly reach on time.
  6. @M.SeidamMy appreciation for this weekday drive. This is an apt getaway between the sands while the wifey thinks Im working somewhere in a pile of A4 papers. 🤣 @Vanessa8580@GregoryThanks for tips on extending the gear shift longer on my Pajero. Will be trying out the tiptronic next time around. Thanks all for joining to make this a wonderful drive today. Will look forward to these mid week drives if we can.
  7. Hi @M.Seidam Do consider if I may be able to join in tomorrow.
  8. Thank you all for the encouragement. @Hisham Masaad @munkybizness @Davie Chase @Vaibhav @Shaaz Sha @Looper @Islam Soliman @Gaurav Will strive to live up to all your superb standards.
  9. Yipee! Special thanks to all my mentors, @Rob S for his encouragement. @Wrangeld my real Yoda, my Jedi Master introducing me to the sands. @Vanessa8580for her super supporting and affable nature @Chaitanya Dfor scaring the wits out of me on my newbie drive where I was wondering if I enrolled myself into an advance drive by mistake. Thanks once again and love to see you all in this forum so passionate and encouraging to new comers. Love you all.
  10. Adding some pics of the drive. Thanks a again to all, it was a wonderful time.
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