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  1. anyone here who can provide feedback on the new Xterra btw? I dont like the shape though but it still looks high enough and robust offroader.
  2. Let the prados give you guys a run and then let @Immortal decide which ones are better 😂
  3. mine is 4L. Its the top range with leather seats and sun roof, the higher spec after that is i believe the VXL comes with KDSS or the air suspension for added comfort. One think you may want to consider with the top spec models upto 2012 is that they are flat backs i.e. the spare tyre is under the car. The mid and basic models come with dual tanks and spare tyre at the back which i believe is a considerable advantage for long drives. From 2013 and above all V6 models come with dual tanks so you dont have this issue there. hope this helps. happy car hunting.
  4. Older models i think upto 2013 used to be TXL and VX or VXL, i think even a GXL. Mine is a 2010 TXL. I dont think there are any diesel prados sold in dubai except for Export only by some showrooms.
  5. Hello @Shaaz Sha just finished a drive and will have to take the car to workshop. Pls allow someone else in my place.
  6. hi @Shaaz Sha, there is something wrong with the starting point pin. Its not showing the accurate location.
  7. well firstly thinking you will roll over is a bad start before you even start 😉. As long as you dont do something crazy, take care of yourself and your car during the drive you should be fine. You have to of-course factor in the risk when you pay the extra premium for your insurance. What is the probability of you having a total loss in the first place? is it really such a common thing? you will probably end up paying the extra premium but never need it. But it depends on person to person, I know some people who have always had only 3rd party insurance, others would like to have full insurance
  8. welcome to the club @Vasja Zupan, hopefully you will soon be welcomed to the prado club as well 😀. Prados are basically FJCs that come with family comfort. I have the 2010, have owned it for 8 years but still love it wether on or off-road. You dont really need to add an extra air locker, the central differential is more than enough if you get stuck i.e. if you ever need it as mostly 4L is good enough. I still drive stock except for the skid plate but like i said its basically FJC with added comfort and visibility (FJ Owners might get offended there 😝) so whatever mods you can do on a FJ you ca
  9. Hi @Tbone was on the way but had to turn back due to an emergency call. Have a safe drive.
  10. hi @Tbone have waitlisted as my 2nd weekend drive. Hoping this will be my first fewbie drive.
  11. Thanks a lot everyone. This has the same feeling i had when i first got my license 😅
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