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  1. Stylish, sexy, comfy and powerful. Mark its signature wherever you go especially in Dubai it has high regard in market. Bad part is its not a driver's car as its a chauffeur car that spoils the backseat passenger more than driver. Super bad resale value after 3-5 years that drops 20-25% on yearly basis. If you fit in that CEO, COO and VP Executive band it's perfect fit for you, otherwise it's an overkill.
  2. You can use a sealer to seal the leakage temporarily.
  3. When should coolant hoses be replaced in Honda Civic?
  4. And is return less better than return type fuel system?
  5. Don't forget the tire pressure. If the driver doesn't maintain the suggested pressure in the tire, it causes under and over inflation which results into flat tire sometimes.
  6. What can generally cause the Catalytic converter plugging?
  7. How can I make sure about the false codes in OBD II codes?
  8. I love Hyundai Sonata. Best interiors, exteriors, horse power and features of the Sonata is amazing. And it really suits ladies.
  9. Can you tell me how much is the replacement for head gasket.
  10. I just love my GS. Its been two years, and my car is as good as a new one. never faced a single issue in my car. From interiors to the mechanics of the car, everything is perfect in my car. Not only me, but few of my friends were also impressed by the car and they bought the same one as suggested by me. Talking about BMW-5 series, i have driven that as well, but the comfort and reliability, i found better in Lexus than any BMW.
  11. Can anyone tell me how to check the amperage output of the alternator in a car charging system?
  12. I have a question for those who really have good knowledge about idle surging in a car. Can anyone discuss the causes of idle surging in a car and how can we prevent our cars from surging.
  13. Well, i use to have a same issue before. Bu you can always take Al khail road, if you are travelling to Abu Dhabi. There is less traffic there and fun driving too.
  14. 14 years now! Since your car is too old, you need to get the adjustament checked in automatic choke. With the helpof carburetor you can adjust the same. Its really coomon actually in old cars. I think you should trade your car now. !4 years is a ling time dude!
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