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  1. Yes they just love to hug each other and kiss cheek to cheek as we all can see. :p
  2. This is true. Omanis prefer buying used cars from UAE rather than Oman. As the locals know how the locals drive in Oman
  3. True that. This usually happens cos everyone thinks since they were killing the accelerator back in their own country for 5 to 10 years they have the divine birthright to get the license here in the first attempt. However, they miss out the most important point here. In this region, you dont pass a driving test cos of the basic fact that you know driving and can shift gears whilst sipping your coffee and texting your mate at the same time. Passing a driving test here means learning and understanding whats driving discipline. Anybody can drive but realizing the fact that your stupidity can cause someone's brain go fly out of their windshield is what is important and a must to pass any driving test. I think some people just fail cos they don't wanna accept the fact that there are other ppl on road.
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