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Jebel Hafeet Mountain, Road, Park, Height, Weather, Directions, Photos, Videos, Reviews and Feedback from the travellers who have visited before.

Jebel Hafeet is a great place to visit for petrol-heads. Many residents purely go to Jebel Hafeet for driving fun on the mountain roads and I am among one of them since 2002. Every car I had, I have been to Jebel Hafeet road to test it's climbing, speed and cornering capability - it's pure fun driving up in the winding mountain with a breathtaking view at every fold.

This beautiful mountain road was built in 1980, by rich residents who wanted to enjoy their Lancias and Lagondas, a few decades before the inception of the Autodrome in Dubai. It is 11.7km long and has 60 corners - switchbacks and hairpins connected by sweeping straights. Two lanes go up the mountain, while one goes down. There are steep drops on each side, scaring the unwitting driver and passengers. Lanes are well-marked and the surface is unblemished.

Jebel Hafeet is the second tallest mountain in the UAE and has one of the greatest mountain driving roads in the world. To everyone surprise, this is the only mountain in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi in the region of Tawam. The name means ‘empty mountain’ - nothing grows here. You can see the folds of the earth from the top and the flat land of the rest of the Emirate. This is a desert environment which gets only 3 inches of rainfall a year. Cooler than Al Ain all-year, especially from October to March. The average Jebel Hafeet Temperature is in range of 30 degrees at the top. Jebel Hafeet is at an elevation of 1,249m.

People come here to watch the sun setting over Al Ain, and to escape the heat. Jabal Hafeet is named after the Hafit period of the Bronze Age, because of the artifacts discovered nearby at the publicly open archaeological site. It offers many opportunities for tourists and is a very welcoming place.


Jebel-Hafeet road.jpg

Jebel Hafeet road.JPG

How to reach?

You can reach Jebel Hafeet by driving to Al Ain, from where the highway stretches to this mountain. Get on the Dubai - Al Ain road, E66. It takes about two hours to get to the top of the mountain from Dubai. If you start your journey from Al Ain, it’ll take you 40 minutes to get there. Take Zayed bin Sultan street all the way up. The road is clean and well-paved, and you don’t need an SUV or 4x4 to reach there.

Jebel Hafeet Direction

Starting Point: https://goo.gl/maps/YoRw4mPyrbwkqLWQ7
24°06'37.1"N 55°45'24.8"E   24.110316, 55.756890

Jebel Hafeet Park: https://goo.gl/maps/oaExGb5TjVsjCJW4A
24°06'22.6"N 55°45'08.3"E    24.106266, 55.752313

Green Mubazzarah Hot Streams: https://goo.gl/maps/fccVdiV6anXeQKnf8
24°06'04.6"N 55°44'59.1"E    24.101288, 55.749736

Al Mansoor Mosque: https://goo.gl/maps/JGkzqz4EQizioe967
24°06'26.6"N 55°44'53.7"E    24.107379, 55.748256

Things to do

For a relaxed evening you can watch the sunset from the top of the mountain, then watch the city lights from Al Ain illuminate the sky. Have a drink at the Mercure Jebel Hafeet hotel near the peak. The royal family’s palace is here as well.

There are many adventures to be had at Jebel Hafeet. Numerous hiking trails offer plethora of photographic opportunities. Cyclists love riding up and down the mountain road.

Several tunnels run under the mountain - this is a hotspot for geologists. There are various hot springs, and the river in the valley forms lakes and pools where you can relax. A good place for this is at the Al Mubazzarah, which also has chalets and a children’s play park.

There is plenty of parking space available at the overlook on the top of the mountain. Popular tourist spots include the geyser and hot springs on the mountainsides. Swimming pools formed by the river offer a relaxing and tranquil environment in this otherwise sparse terrain.

Most famous is the archaeological site at the Jebel Hafeet desert park, also called the Mezyad Desert Park. 500 tombs were discovered, along with jewelry, utensils, and artifacts from Mesopotamia, Iran, and the Indus valley civilization. They date back to the Bronze Age, between 3200-2600BC, during the Hafit period, after which the mountain is named. The Mezyad Fort here was built in the 19th century.

green mubazara.JPG

Jebel-Hafeet tombs.jpg



Entry to the mountain overlooks and peak is free, as is entry to the Green Mubazzarah.

Prices for tours range from AED 200 to 900 for guided tours of Al Ain and the Hajjar mountains. 

If you want a day trip out of Abu Dhabi or Dubai to watch the sunset, it’s best to get on the road in the afternoon, about three hours before sunset. Traffic will be less on the mountain road, letting you enjoy the scenery and the driving experience.

Where to stay?

The hotel at Jebel Hafeet is owned and run by Mercure. Prices start at AED 200 per night for a deluxe room. Several chalets are available to rent, as well. The mountain is best enjoyed from a tent. The night weather is quite temperate even in peak summer, and sunrise on the Jebel Hafeet is priceless.



If you want to camp at the mountain at night, you have to get there early. Carry enough warm clothes - it gets cold at night, going below 0 degrees in the winter. To take lots of pictures, the most scenic views can be discovered by walking the trails. It is important to carry water as it gets very warm in the daytime. If you’re expecting to do some stargazing, make sure you check the weather beforehand. Clear skies are better for the views.

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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Thank you @Gaurav. I just realized I have never been to Jebel Hafeet... on my to do list now.

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Maybe we all should make a drive once and test our cars to limit. Trust me it's fun, we use to time ourselves going up back in those days.

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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I absolutely agree that jebel hafeet Is a great place. I live within 30 minutes of driving to summit.

Best spot for me is the outdoor restaurant mercure hotel late evening 8 pm having a coffee or dinner with Al Ain lights at a distance.

views during the day are great.

i have to admit for a bit I thought gaurav was going to give hiking route on this mountain which I have been searching for some time but what am I thinking!!!!

This is an off road suv club- walking - what is that😂😂

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A very nice write-up Gaurav, Jebel Hafeet is a nice place to go to. I would just recommend to bring your own chairs, table, food and BBQ for the top. The quality in the cafeteria and coffee shop is not the best. The furniture are broken and the place might sometimes be quite dirty. 

Based on a few experiences over the last years, the hotel Mercure gives you good value for money. The hotel is located with a stunning view. The restaurant have good food but is quite costly. The place has certainly lost its former glory and are in need of renovation. It is rundown inside. The climate control of the pool doesn't work.They had a simple roller-coaster like slide and a few other activities that doesn't work. Not even the walk paths outside the main compound are maintained to be used. But as said, you get what you pay for and you can normally get it at a good price... 

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I live about 15 minutes from the foot of the hill.
This is one of my late night drive destination.
One update though: The restaurant/cafeteria complex at the top is shut since February.
There is one Lavazza cafe at one of the stops a couple corners from the Mercure, on the way down from the top.
The Karak was good, last night. :)

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