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  1. Google maps is not showing speed on smaller roads. Noticed this last week in sweihan and now in qudra.
  2. And being an active or heavy smoker you will walk 50 -100 meters every 1 hour.
  3. Of course, eventually vicious circle have to be complete.
  4. Thanks buddy, didn't realize that. Edited the title for mentioning J200
  5. Yes and they are damn helpful in reducing glare. So whats stopping car manufacturers in using "Photochromic" OR "Electrochromic" windows glasses that turn 50% dark during daylight and completely transparent at night.
  6. Chill @MATHEW FELEX I was just kidding all along, bored today. @desertdude you win too.
  7. And even when we will have enough ports, then the commercialization will kill this whole concept. Only ABC brand can charge here, Only XYZ subscriber can charge there, different plugs, different rates and what not. Experience this last summer in London with Hybrid and couldn't able to charge once in 14 days as every port was different and want me to sign up for monthly option than pay as you go.
  8. SURPRISE. Damn flags on profiles are super small.
  9. Photochromic to be precise, I thought its same tech that changes color with presence of light. I didnt meant for electronically controlled tinting that barry was doing earlier with Ghost Tints. That's too messy for cars and its operation.
  10. Toyota has finally decided to stop production of it's flagship legend Land Cruiser J200 (LC200) by 2022. This shape rolled out in 2008, so after 16 years of service this shape has been schedule to retire. I personally think it was high time for Toyota to pull this trigger as most of the other car manufacturers are changing shapes every 8-10 years. Right @desertdude, as you were waiting. I'm more excited now to see the market flooding with next LC design until Toyota official announcement. I love seeing people creativity at wild for rendering defender, supra oops Z4, Jimny etc. https://www.forbes.com/sites/bryancampbell/2019/08/20/toyota-is-killing-the-land-cruiser-in-2022-and-its-about-time/#7e67d7f0661d
  11. Mitsubishi brand guidelines must be rolling in its grave seeing so many weird brand positioning. Especially the main cactus growing mitsu logo in WWF format. Oh, I think most funny was V12.
  12. Really.....? If person cannot see 3 feet wide metal object in "daylight" he needs new eye test.
  13. This is very old tech in eye wear. I rem having my first electrochromic glasses in 1997 as a fun. It's mostly used in optician glasses so person using eyeglasses need not to change glasses in sun and it will change its tint in few seconds.
  14. I think IMC or other recovery service provider have some quick charging service. Worst case scenario, put the car on recovery bed and drop them to the nearest charging point. It's better to check with the provider (Tesla or any) that what are there terms for roadside assistance.
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