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  1. Gaurav

    Newbie drive Kalba/Maliha 16 Nov

    Thanks, everyone for great participation and enthusiasm. Few have uploaded the pictures in the gallery, looking fwd from rest of the guys, especially the aerial shots of Xterra @Julien V @Nikhil @Pwn @Emil @Brette @Jocreative @Maxiben @Shafeel
  2. Gaurav

    Hi !

    Welcome, Wilfy to the Carnity and it's most active and the best offroad club in UAE. Hope you sorted the rear bumper sand scooping issue in your Pajero? Looking fwd to seeing you soon
  3. Gaurav


    Stop and go traffic and city mileage is totally different than driving on the highway. No mechanic or car company can change that as if you drive at lower than 30-40 kmph speed any car in the world will consume more fuel. In my Range, I have instantaneous fuel consumption option and while playing with that I noticed, that if I am on a highway at 120 speed it consumes from 10-12 L/100 (10 KMPL) but if I am in the city or in stop and go traffic below 40 kmph speed it consumes from 20 - 25 L/100 (4-5 KMPL). The only thing you can do is plan your brakes well in advance and don't hit instant acceleration, so soft braking and soft start can better the fuel mileage "little bit". Alternatively, you can change your route if its possible.
  4. Gaurav

    "Dawn to Dark" Sweihan Desert Drive

    Sure let's meet in any of the newbie drives and then we can discuss further your offroad experience. We do have newbie drives now almost every second week, so see you soon.
  5. Gaurav

    "Dawn to Dark" Sweihan Desert Drive

    @MATHEW FELEX Basically what Asif bhai meant is to refer the latest structure of offroad club implemented, according to which everyone should drive and follow the set number of drives to earn their offroad rank and then join appropriate level of drives as per there offroad rank assigned. However, if you are an experienced offroader, then some exception can be made after seeing your couple of newbie / fewbie level drives with us to put you on a fast track mode to get deserving rank. If you are absolutely new in the sand, then you must follow this for good:
  6. This usually comes with every vehicle that has a socket (nut) mounted in the bumper, usually in luxury cars (hidden with plastic cap) instead of showing the hook to kill the looks. You can get exact thread replacement hook from your car dealer or your car brand spare part guys in Dubai and Sharjah aftermarket shops who sell the original car parts. Which car is this?