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  1. Cheaper or replica wheels are PITA for balancing and alignment. Also for offroad use they are quite risky, seen few bend or broken with extreme offroad use, stick to reasonable brand or buy used stock ones they are much safer to use and last.
  2. Also deep dish rim size comes in higher sizes above 17 and 18 onwards, I really doubt you can source 15 inch in deep dish rims.
  3. Deep dish rims are good ides to solve both issues but it is expensive and also require some custom brake job to fit them. H&R spacers are good but majority here are fake unless you buy from authorized retailer. It's a very good known brand and that's why market are flooded with replicas. I would go with spacer choice (reversible mod) and stick to your model specific ones even if you have to import from US with xaf overnight delivery option, lol.
  4. Wish you a very Happy Birthday Emmanuel. May god give you a lot of tall dunes to enjoy with Jawaher (Xterra). Enjoy your day Mr. Velociraptor.
  5. Ali express is no benchmark, please. Call Gulf star, National Auto parts in shj for quick price check to decide.
  6. Very well said and I totally agree that your choice of music will reflect on your drive style.
  7. @Xaf can you actually share what really interfere with aircraft navigation system, that airlines since Nokia days advise us to switch it off? Is it GSM signals? Data? Or mobile GPS? Is it only while take off and landing? What happen if some passenger dont switch off, any of your screen flicker inside the cockpit? Or it's a BS? Why cant aircraft install signal jammers that block all interefering signal other than aircraft own range if it's so critical than relying on 300+ passengers honesty? Sorry for too many questions, but I always wanted to know the truth from a real pilot.
  8. Before going this route, download Dubai Police App and check these two services and see if you can directly report such idiots through the app: Police Eye (under Save People Life category) We Are All Police (under Traffic Services category) Second option you can remember the plate number, car and location and report to Dubai Police over the non-emergency phone number for reckless driving. They really call back the driver and give verbal warning. I received this call once, when local girl behind me flashing me and I was unable to change lane, as soon as I reached office I got a call and explained my side to the cops. If you really want solid proof from Dash cam, I think you are allowed to record and use for police evidence only, still double check and get the same in writing for your protection. Btw, don't buy the dash cam, take it from me as I have one - almost never used.
  9. Will ask you same question after a year. We all were same before but after spending time we learn to differentiate what we really value than just like.
  10. I'm not sure what difference will it make on both scenario? Valves arent consumable like piston rings, better to change all even if 1 is leaking.
  11. Yes my information was from 2018 by personally visiting the RTA HQ for checking all the possibilities. Every engine swap need RTA permission paper now, If its same size and no change of mount you can get paper from RTA officers in tasjeel barsha (I think).
  12. Im not sure about technical challenges. I guess if both engine mounts are same, then its a doable job. If not, RTA will seldom approve the change or welding of engine mounts. In either case, YES you need RTA approval for any engine swap and if its in same number of cylinder range (4 to 4, 6 to 6) then chances are you will get the paper. If its upgrade (4 to 6) NO WAYS.
  13. If two inlet valves have been marginal bent due to wrong timing belt installation without overheating the car. Do we replace those two inlet valves only or all 24 Valves? Rest 22 valves are not bent nor damaged. Engine has run approx 80K Kms.
  14. So when are we seeing you recovering LC200 from a soft sand by full throttle wheel spin with deflated tires? Bets are open now: 500 Dhs. Like I said, this maybe on purpose for excited camera guy cheering up or beach crowd or he is new to offroad scene and just bought this souped up truck. I'm living in Warqa from last 9 years and until 2 years back just before warqa entrance there used to be huge traffic pile up, so people used to take sandy patch to jump the traffic on right side. Almost every week I used to recover people there with 35 PSI inflated tires by the same technique I explained above. 4 out of 5 times I used to save my formals and shoes, but 1 time I used to fail and accept the defeat and deflate. Deflate or no deflate (depending on luck or situation), this full throttle wheel spin is not the way to recover. Period.
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