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  1. Nope it doesn't brake, it just make loud beep beep beep just like reverse camera does, just beep system to alert the collision.
  2. Not sure my Range had anti collision with DCC but one feature I use to love was shouting a loud beep if I drive too close to anyone or have distracted attention for a split second and front car brakes. That's an awesome feature.
  3. Fog or such natural causes are only exception for delayed drive start, otherwise we should always start and finish on time. Waiting for one or few is disrespectful to all others time who were punctual.
  4. Try driving adaptive cruise to cruise down the highway here, you will know the stupidity of designer and also impulsive road user here. Both are at extreme. Fred, your car also had a 100 meter braking distance or is it Range only....?
  5. I use cruise control pretty much all the time, it's less stressful for following speed limits and error free to not to get speeding ticket.
  6. Hope you heard from Rahimdad or Sri, if not still make it to the meeting point and jump in with anyone, you will enjoy.
  7. You want to join newbie drive or intermediate? Accordingly will ping you right now.
  8. You can always join as a passenger and post request here, Im sure someone will be happy to have you onboard and you can learn a lot as a passenger in early days. Im going for Sweihan with Emmanuel, if you like to join that let me know.
  9. @Emmanuel and @Javier M can we start at 5:45 AM considering whole day weather is very nice, as i'm stuck with some family commitment till late tonite?
  10. I'm not sure about the hurdle, but its the most "IRRITATING" thing I have ever found in my Range. Problem with adaptive cruise control is it keeps lot of distance, and keep braking quite early that makes everyone else fall in front of you and your cruise again keep on braking more and more. I have only used cruise on empty road and not in traffic moving road for this reason. Although it comes with distance adjustment - 3 settings, but the minimum distance is also over 100 meters, normally when human being control the car we keep 100 meter distance at 120-140 speed and not at 60. If distance can be tweaked manually to bare minimum to what suits your driving style, road and traffic then it will be nice than having a blanket system.
  11. U mean auto to manual conversion for car....? You can convert license with classss and re test, check with belhasa and EDI. For driving manual is not allowed on automatic license, but you can buy and register car without any issue, as lately told to me by @Srikumar, please confirm.
  12. You shouldn't be asking such question, as everyone here is knowledge seeking folks than the blind folded ones. Go for it 100% Things you should include is in the same sequence as you planned so people reading it know what all to expect in chronological order like: Distance, drive time, weather, visa, accommodation, places to visit, heritage, famous food, tradition, people, language, local food etc.
  13. @Barry start putting lol at end so @shadow79 can get the joke.
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