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COVID-19 Precautions for Carnity Offroad Drives


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  1. All I can tell you is those intl crude prices is for barrel = 159 liter = USD 22/159 = USD 0.14/liter = AED 0.5/liter Rest all for processing, refining, storage, logistic, retail etc, which in this new COVID era might be very expensive. We are really lucky to have essential supplies including food, water and fuel at regular prices at this time. Even the most advance countries aren't able to control the price hike and availability of such essentials.
  2. Trip Report - Finally after a long delay. A day started with drizzling had a good indication that it's going to be the best day for many of us. Following recent culture of being on time, everyone showed up at meeting point before I showed up. With little distant greetings, we started SHARP at 8:00 AM and head over to the deflation point. As I had all the intermediate and advance drivers so I wanted to up the challenge little bit by starting the drive without the deflation. Off course without deflation, we wouldn't be able to make it very far, but the actual idea was to show the importance of deflation and also how you can manage your vehicle if you have to step in sand without deflation. With proper instructions, precise control and careful approach we all did good dunes, side sloping, crossing the crest at 35 PSI for first 15-20 minutes. After the deflation, I gave up the lead to our new leaders and @Shamil was the first one to get in line to test his leading skills. He started bit on a shy note, but picked up very well and reached the pylon track within 30-40 minutes. Shamil had a pretty commendable and confident pace to lead and he knew where he is heading. He had a good sand reading and judgment of dunes to enter and exit safely. He need to work on keeping a close eye on the convoy behind and also time management skills. Overall @Shamil scored 7 out of 10. Next comes the "under cover" Raptor - @Xaf. He got the instruction to take all of us back to the starting point from pylon track, which will be facing the slip face on most of the dunes (tough battle for a new lead). But he was super cautious, well planned in using steps/stairs technique without me explaining or teaching anything on that. After a little while he was given a green signal from my side to boost the level the best he can and then lower down accordingly if any of us get stuck or refusal. After this instruction we all have seen new Velociraptor in making. Amazing sideys, ridge riding and tall climbs he plan and manage to sneak the whole convoy safely under his wings. He needed a very little fine touch to tweak the lead or alternate path by using the second lead effectively and hone his leading skills even better. He needs to practice this more with a free mindset and learn to make interesting spaghetti routes through the dunes. Overall @Xaf scored 8 out of 10. Then we have given the chance to lead to our "Youngest Off-roader" - @Jeepie (as per he experience). Initially she thought of giving it up - may be she genuinely wanted or prepping our mind for her first lead - genuine first lead, unlike Shamil and Xaf who have done the lead before. So we got to start with Matrix example that no one has made in the first attempt. Luckily she could see the Fossil rock on a clear day and she was instructed to take the convoy there. As a first time lead, she decided to stick to the tracks and did couple of sideys and chosen the very safe and doable path for all the cars behind. Her leadership skills is far too great than she actually realizes it. As a good leader she is open for evaluating all the suggestions and then decide her path. Unfortunately she has beaten the Matrix example - to made through the whole stretch without any stucks or refusal. She need to believe on herself and try more leading drives to get accustom to the idea that she can find her own path. Overall @Jeepie scored 6 out 10. Last but not least comes @Ale Vallecchi with his trusted FJC, that is waiting to be pushed to the next level. He has got the most difficult patch to lead from pylon track to the top of the fossil rock. His navigational skills are quiet good and he manage to circle the convoy to right side for an exploratory purpose. We recovered couple of locals there and find our way to the top of Fossil Rock, of course with an hour of delay due to extra recoveries. Ale needs to work hard on connecting the dots on what he sees on the navigational screen and where he drives. He also need to realize that his FJC holds lot more potential than what he is realizing it currently. Overall @Ale Vallecchi scored 7 out of 10. All four new leaders did amazing job and exceeded all my expectations that I had in the morning. They all need to hone their skills and practice the lead more often under supervision. They all need to get involve and start leading all recoveries and have their first say on the technical recoveries. They have learned the importance of angles, precision, physics and weight than just speed and full throttle tug. Hope they continue to learn and advance further to master this amazing art of off-roading and help others to learn more from their knowledge and experience.
  3. Yeah of course anything that is not Land Rover is 🤮 . lolololol. TBH this design/styling (curvy, bloated, boxy shape) isn't too far from new defender forced futuristic looks off course this looks far better. My vote is "Pajero Hybrid" with little modifications like below rendering.
  4. Make a best guess on what this new Mitsubishi GC concept will turn into? Let's name this Concept GC-PHEV plugin hybrid as: New Pajero....? Pajero Hybrid...? Pajero Sport Hybrid...? Outlander PHEV....? Something else....? And then talk about how good, bad, ugly this looks like to beat or live with the ongoing competition.
  5. Dyneema ropes are easily available and many company already using it here. I wanted to replace my winch line with dyneema last year and it was available here.
  6. I'm sure everyone will have different stories to share on how did they become an off-roader? I'll start with mine. I was happy being spoil with luxury sports car back in those days. One day my girl friend whose my wife now, got a free desert safari passes from her office and "forced" me to join. I was not at all interested based on my previous desert safari experience of being cramped with several strangers in one car and eating sand through out the trip. But she managed to convince me and during that trip she had an awesome time as she was sitting in front and kept of screaming on every dune and ridge. This made me inspire to sell off my Lexus GS430 and buy the king of off-road (myth) - Toyota Land Cruiser. She joined me for 3 drives and then she got bored thereafter, but I got the sand addiction for rest of my life. Time to hear your original story now, whether you wanted a "freedom", "explore nature", "beat the traffic" or "impress your girl"
  7. I don't think so, as I have never seen such low hanging bumpers on Prado before. Maybe @Nizam Deen can share his before and after pictures.
  8. Apart from regular clean up, organizing and tidy up your house, car, PC, phone, camera, what unusual stuff you have done during this stay at home period, which "you have never done before"? I dance with my 5 YO son and wife like I have never danced before. Started with kiddo's dance - as usual Then he picked up our moves and we dance on regular music for an hour with good volume and bass. Surprisingly we never think/expect that kid at such an age will like / adapt to our music or moves but when given been a chance they really surprise us beyond our expectations.
  9. It's called Class Action Lawsuits. https://lemonlawexperts.com/naughty-nissans-the-trials-and-tribulations-of-a-defective-transmission/ https://topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/consumer-products/auto-news/nissan-altima-cvt-class-action-settlement/ https://www.carcomplaints.com/news/2019/nissan-cvt-settlement-reached.shtml
  10. Hi @siddharth maheshwari this drive is strictly for fewbie and above level. However, if you have previous offroad experience prior joining to Carnity, please share it here, so based on your self declaration I might allow you.
  11. @Chaitanya D, @Emad Malaeb, @Rinelle Sanaani, @Kalahari, @Pancho, @Amory, @Mels Wolf, @Michael sammy, @Shamil, @Jorge Stepniak Felippe, @Tbone, @Jamy B., @Nivin, @Srikumar, @Rizwanm2, @Mostafa Taha, @Ale Vallecchi, @Jeffrey Osito Pilgreen, @Adam Marston, @Jas Gajaria, @Wrangeld, @Denizzalbayrak, @Roshan Abraham, @Shahab Khan Due to current COVID-19 ongoing precautionary advises, we are postponing this drive for the next Friday, 3 April 2020. Please leave the event if you are unable to join, so that others can join the drive.
  12. @Dale Panganiban - Fabrication, @Anish S @J J, @Nacho, @Jose Martin, @sebin, @Bibin Tom, @Tbone, @sheri, @Magellan, @Sajithsas, @Jolly Abraham, @Jun Zamora, @Pickey Singh, @Gregory Perkin Due to current COVID-19 ongoing precautionary advises, we are postponing this drive for the next Friday, 3 April 2020. Please leave the event if you are unable to join, so that others can join the drive.
  13. I would highly stay away from older Nissan of any age that has CVT gearing. They "fail" like a clock work precision and end up burning 5-10k hole in the pocket. If your selected model doesn't have CVT, then you are lucky. Google "nissan tiida cvt transmission problems" You are better off finding cheaper Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi for daily use + cruise control model. You can also consider cheaper entry level Ford, Chevrolet, Hyundai and Kia's.
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