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  1. Interesting topic, I just received a newsletter from souqalmal on insurance claims during rainy season -- By law, all insurance providers have to cover natural calamities. However, we found that different insurance providers have different conditions to this clause from our discussions with them. Here are a few conditions providers have mentioned in their policy documents: Many insurance companies will cover the claim if the authority of the country declares the event officially as a natural calamity. All insurance companies will request a police report with the claim. Some providers will cover the claim, provided that the vehicle is not driven. The answer is therefore not black and white as to whether your claim, after the latest rainy days of the UAE, will be accepted.
  2. Sorry I didnt get this atall
  3. Excellent news and they should also share the actual reason behind it too, whether it was fine or punishments or driver education that lacks big time here. Every morning I see some loving dad holding infant on driver seat in the internal roads
  4. Gear issue of one car and A/C issue of another car gave me so much headache that my family started saying I should shift my flat next to my mechanic. Nver again for buying any car with gear and ac issue again
  5. wow you all guys are awesome in sourcing good cars for less. we make a good company here hahaha.
  6. Share its little story and detail to inspire everyone, that all cars aren't meant to break your bank account. Honda Civic 93' Model, with manual steering, manual gear, manual window. I had that for 4 years and I think I bought that for 9500 Dirhams and sold for 7500 Dirhams.
  7. Something is always better than nothing, even after 10 or 20 years.
  8. All new car will be mandatory to have ecall system to alert nearest emergency center from 2021. This seem very helpful and intelligent to auto-notify the authorities, maybe on next version poor guys like us using older cars can get this system installed for our safety too. Anyone knows how here many percent of uae cars are older than 3 years? https://gulfnews.com/uae/all-uae-cars-to-get-automatic-accident-alert-system-from-2021-1.68645989
  9. This is some sick engineering or science whatever they name it. I want see it happening everywhere different type
  10. I rem watching this to know that Ford was a bigger shark thna Ferrari back in those days in racing arena, pretty shocking though as initially I was puzzeld to see what match Ferrari has with Ford.
  11. Any Nurburgring fans in house....? Any Monopoly fans in house? really creative thinking https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a30157155/nurburgring-monopoly-board-games-buy/
  12. 250,000 USD ticket for 90 minute space flight experience by virgingalactic from next year onwards. Is it really real or an April fool in November? https://www.msn.com/en-ae/news/uae/a-handful-of-uae-residents-will-be-flown-into-space-next-year/ar-BBWZz4X?ocid=spartanntp
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