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  1. I love to see what happen to next month fuel rate in UAE as global oil market ashs collapsed now l crazy. heard US oil is in negative and other at 12 dollars Jan 65$-51$ Feb 51$-44$ Mar 44$-22$ Apr 22$ - 7$ Lets gues special 95 petrol will be under 1 dh or over 1 dh in may?
  2. Gained 6 kgs in last 3 wweks and worried of going in casuals to office as no one of the formal would fit by then. what you guys are doing indoor to sty fit?
  3. Does anyone know how to calculate this oil price with petrol price in UAE? Jan 65$-51$ Feb 51$-44$ Mar 44$-22$ but we have UAE only 0.12 fils = 0.03$ reduction.
  4. As many of u staying home now, lets suggest some good netflix series. I watch recently 100 humans and it is very nice to open mind beyound imaginatins.
  5. What is happening and why all markets are shooting down todaythan 2 week back when COIVID was at prime. Too much good buy when I dont have cash, wht is the next forecast for week to 1 month horizin?
  6. I knw many of you are desert drive here, but I like to know for other folks what you generaly do over the week-ends before/after family time and grocery shoping?
  7. So many of us suffereing from overwight in UAE, I like to know what is the best way to loose weight consistantly every month in a healthy way. Only suggest wht you have tried and it worked for you and not on advertisemant and not on your super fit colleague taking proteins, fat burner and creatines pills 30 tiems a day.
  8. Some senior guy posted this on LinkedIn, removed his name due to privacy issue.
  9. A ton of people is just 10-15 people Why we all pretend to sleep before we sleep
  10. Interesting topic, I just received a newsletter from souqalmal on insurance claims during rainy season -- By law, all insurance providers have to cover natural calamities. However, we found that different insurance providers have different conditions to this clause from our discussions with them. Here are a few conditions providers have mentioned in their policy documents: Many insurance companies will cover the claim if the authority of the country declares the event officially as a natural calamity. All insurance companies will request a police report with the claim.
  11. Excellent news and they should also share the actual reason behind it too, whether it was fine or punishments or driver education that lacks big time here. Every morning I see some loving dad holding infant on driver seat in the internal roads
  12. Gear issue of one car and A/C issue of another car gave me so much headache that my family started saying I should shift my flat next to my mechanic. Nver again for buying any car with gear and ac issue again
  13. wow you all guys are awesome in sourcing good cars for less. we make a good company here hahaha.
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