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  1. No I will check with famous site and company site to verify suggestions and list then in order
  2. List the best fuel economy SUV in UAE for daily commute Audi Q3 Chevrolet Captiva Lexus RX Mazda CX3 Once I have best 10 in all level then will make a apoll to get more votes
  3. List the best fuel economy cars in UAE for daily commute Volkswagen Golf Audi A3 Hyundai i10 Once I have best 10 in all level then will make a apoll to get more votes
  4. I wnt to say the same thing, you need fuel to push big weight in end.
  5. List the best resale value cars in UAE with specific brand and model and not just Japanese or Amerikan Toyota Corolla Nissan Sunny Honda Civic Once I have best 10 in all level then will make a apoll to get more votes
  6. adil


  7. people put any stepni cover they get for free sometime
  8. Very nice design implementation, ofcourse it looks replica of bigger version but that is what make them cute like a toy car on the shelves.
  9. Japanese are the best car makers who install less feature but all long time working feature and not going tom fail after 2 year in sun
  10. adil


    Fuel delivery is not a new concept. Adnoc already tried few times this year and still service not laucnged means something somwewhere not kikcing up so they switch to 10 dhs premium service for fill up https://gulfnews.com/uae/transport/watch-adnoc-to-deliver-fuel-straight-to-your-car-1.2182320
  11. Who and where they will bring the key after parking or shall I wait for them to do circles
  12. Congratulation Barry bhai, for giant likes
  13. Has anyone used oman insurance here in uae and appreciate any good or bad or ugly reviews about them, two of my friend has mixed review and im highly confused now.
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