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  1. Just found another great video to avoid car dealers scam of fake fees and charges to avoid
  2. Here is the four square method, with which car dealers steal your money on all 4 sides of the game. Very nicely explained in this viral video. Share the list of scam you have seen here with car dealers.
  3. What is the average life of Dunlop Grandtrek tires, used in uae. im happy with bridgestone duelers sonce few years but my friend is pushing me now to consider dunlop this time for extra life. appreciate your expert views, thnx in advance.
  4. I work with big mnc company as an admin asst and whole day running like a chiken to meet two ends, but i love as ppl are nice and feel happy when my job make them feel happy
  5. I had 2006 Honda Civic my first car for 3 years and still miss my first car a lot after my pajero upgrade for family reason
  6. how much transmission Overhaul cost?
  7. Steam wash are overprice now at 150, instead you can get full car detailing at 300 in which they can remove the seat and clean fully under the carpet. I get detailing every year due to kids mess in the car
  8. If you are not driving like a manic pulling in first gear on evry stop signal at 90/100 then write to Nissan for seeking an explanation that how gear failed so early? and wht prevntive maintenance you can do foir saving it next time.
  9. With so much offroad vibes in carnity just want to hear your worst offroad stucks if you like to share it with me please. My friend had a fuel leak and empty his full tank in wadi and whole time we were smelling fuel but never thought its our car and at 9pm we started his car was not turning on, so we went out and bought a fuel can and refill his touareg and exited out after 3 hours of back and forth. what a terrible night
  10. Thanks guy for all inputs and showuing the so many different ways and angles i havent realize. I agree fred we limit ourselve many times to serios duens due to the few underpower suv. will think a way to bring my clan to carnity family too - hope it work with so many noisy animals in one group
  11. yes i have exp of 8-10 drives in last 2 years and we go 5 to 10 cars with famiy
  12. I like to know why I should drive with any offroad club in dubai when im happy with private drives with my friends? love to hear from ppl who have done both and favor one side over the other
  13. Yes because they very conviniently count dubai as an extreme condition to change oil every 5k....you what i mean. stick to 10 with paper oil filter and no flushes at all atleast until 50 thousand,
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