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  1. Brakes are one of the most important aspect of any vehicle, much before the engine horsepower and fancy luxury trim. If you can't stop your vehicle in time, then it's all useless to have such expensive car. Just like Engine, Tires and Suspension, brakes also required periodic servicing or replacing with new set of brake pads and/or brand disc's. There are some obvious signs that your brakes needs service, such as the brake light appearing on the dashboard of your car or you realize that the vehicle is taking longer to stop than it needs to. In either of these cases, you should visit your expert mechanic for a brake check very soon. But do you know what are the 7 signs that might indicate a problem in the braking system?. Here are the seven signs that will help you find out. Noise: screeching, grinding noises when applying the brakes. Light: brake light is well-lighted on your vehicle dashboard. Pulling: vehicle pulls to one side on braking Low Pedal: brake pedal nearly touches the floor before engaging. Grabbing: brakes grab at the slightest touch to the pedal. Hard Pedal: should apply extreme pressure to the pedal before brakes interact. Vibration: brake pedal vibrates or pulses, even under normal braking conditions Brakes are a normal wear item on any vehicle and that they are eventually needs to be replaced. Factors that effects the life of brakes includes driving habits, vehicle type, operating conditions and the lining material quality.
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    GT Auto Centre

    GT Auto Centre is a leading car repairing and car service center in Dubai offering vehicle repair services, including air conditioning(AC) , electrical, mechanical - transmission, engine, suspension and body repair in Dubai, UAE. Being western owned and run we understand well the importance of quality, reliability and transparency. Customer care and service excellence are at the heart of our business philosophy and at every point of their interaction with the GT Team, our customers can expect the very best attention to detail and highest quality in service delivery. GT Auto Centre is one leading Mercedes service centre Dubai. We are providing services like car air conditioning, electrical, mechanical service, and all type of body repairs. We offer Porsche, BMW, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Range Rover, Audi, Toyota services in Dubai. We promise to keep you informed of deadlines and work in progress and will be open, upfront and transparent from the outset with regard to costs and final anticipated bills. There are no nasty surprises at GT.
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