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  1. @Barry thanks for the advice I have read that there is an additional power supply for the airbags. Do I need to let this discharge before we take the fuse out ? Jason
  2. I don't think it will be as easy as just a fuse knowing Jeep and all the electronics in the Grand Cherokee ! If I take the fuse out maybe they will go off when I put it back in or the air bag light might stay on to show I have been tampering... Does anyone know a Mechanic in the Jeep garage who would know this ? If not I will leave them on and just take it at newbie level. Looks like a need another desert only vehicle !!
  3. Count me in !! Does anyone know how i can disengage the airbag system / Seat belt pre-tensioners ?? Don't want another explosion in the car !! 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  4. Count me in. What time would would I be back in Dubai as i have babysitting duties ! Jason
  5. @Barrythanks for the advice. I took the car to the dealer today and they said they will replace under warranty once they check the vehicle computer. I can confirm they do 'fire' as there was a very loud bang ! Both tensioners fired in the front seats but none of the back seats. Are there tensioners on the rear seat belts also and are these a standard safety mechanism on all cars ? Why did only mine fire ?
  6. @Gaurav brilliant video ! Clearly shows how good the drive was and how well organised. Looking forward to the next @Carnity adventure. We need the secret recipe for @Rahimdad chicken !
  7. Wonderfull report @Rahimdad and wonderful photos @Gaurav. It was truly an Ultimate family adventre ! I was a little bit nervous at first due to the family in the back but with the expert guidance of @Rahimdad and @Gaurav my confidence grew and we completed the trip with ease and enjoyed some refreshments at the Quadra lakes. Thanks to the @Carnity team again and I hope there will be another trip soon ! My wife will post some more photos.
  8. @Rahimdad Sounds great !! @skumar83 From our trip on the 27th Jan, if i am correct you are near the springs ? If you want i can bring you and you can stay in my vehicle or I'm sure there will be space in other vehicles too ! I live near the springs.
  9. @Rahimdad Are you going to give us some clues to which area we are going to ??
  10. Hi Guys ! Please put us down for the trip. Wife and daughter are also coming. Jason - 0505547290 I will bring a disposable BBQ, some chicken, meat and salad.
  11. Sounded more like the weather at home in Ireland rather than the UAE !! I have asked my wife so just waiting for her approval ! I hope we can all make it.
  12. Hi Guys ! I've been reading up on the last trip. It sounded eventful ! Would this trip be suitable for my wife and daughter to come as passengers ? My daughter is only 1 year old and the journey might be too rough in the dunes to bring her.
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