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  1. Have done my share of shoveling and probably will have to do some more this winter!
  2. Gaurav, Will be taking the Ferrari for sure. Maybe also try out the new Jag. Regarding insurance, they said so on their (Autodrome) web site. I only have 3rd party on my cars anyhow. Haven't had any accidents so far... (famous last words )
  3. Was thinking to take both but will prioritise the Ferrari.
  4. I'll do that too. Haven't seen any coming up lately though. I am in for sure if there is another trip doing a road trip. For me going to the track is a chance to really test out the car in a safe environment.
  5. Hi All, The Track Day season is upon us. I am looking forward to take my car onto the track and test it and myself out. Since I haven't driven on the track here before the Dubai Autodrome rules requires you to attend a "Novice" event first. There is one coming up Friday 24th November at 17:30 which I would like to join. Are there anybody else that would like to jump on this opportunity and join? Price is AED 600 for 3 * 20 minutes session on the track. http://www.dubaiautodrome.com/track-days/track-days-for-cars/ Alf
  6. Alfie


    Thanks for the welcomes. I was actually very much looking forward to join this trip and get a good look around the country. Even though I have been here for 5 years there are many parts of the UAE I still haven't been to. Unfortunately I am doing a training course from Thursday to Sunday so I won't be going this time. I hope there will be another trip like this in not too long.
  7. Alfie


    Although I have been in Dubai since 2012 I just joined this community a few days ago. Looking forward to be part of it and meet other enthusiasts. My daily driver is currently a Volvo XC90 V8 which was originally imported from the US. Apart from that I have a 2009 Jaguar XKR that I just got registered and is currently having its AC fixed. I also have an old Jag XJR (1998) that used to be my daily driver but it is now parked as it needs a bit of TLC. My 1991 Ferrari 348 and the 1993 LandCruiser are also both parked for the moment waiting for a couple of issues to be sorted. As you probably und
  8. Thanks to both. Derick: I'll try Chipcentric in the morning as they seem to be gone for the day. Desertdude: I have tried the Mongoose interface but it doesn't support ECU programming on the X308. Apparently there is a different interface needed. Was hoping to get the programming done here in Dubai to avoid lots of shipping costs. Have spent a few dirhams on the car already...... Cheers
  9. Hi, I have an old (for Dubai) Jaguar XJR that I have used as my daily driver for a couple of years. I've always loved the shape of the XJ's with the double round headlamps and bought this one in a relatively ok condition a few years back. Recently I started having issues with the engine control module and I purchased a used one to replace the faulty one. I have replaced the module but now it needs to be programmed/configures with the VIN/chassis number of the car so it can interact with the other control modules. Are there anybody out there that can advice me where I can get the programmi
  10. Alfie

    UFIXIT Garage

    U-Fix-It Garage is the place for any motoring enthusiast. Whether you are a classic car guy, loves 4x4ing in the desert, prefers 2 wheels or just like to tinker, this is the place where you can take care of your ride.
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