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  1. Thank you @Brette; this is exactly what I had in my mind and would give it a try. @desertdude thanks man - I would definitely prefer doing it myself; the delay was caused by time constraint and non-urgent nature of restoration job.
  2. Thanks. Any other recommended service provider in Sharjah or nearby Dubai areas who could do the job? I have seen some cobone and groupon deals doing it for AED 40/- but the location of garages are far ahead for a person living in Sharjah.
  3. @Rahimdad Did you try cleaning your pathy's headlights with a toothpaste? Can you please share your experience?
  4. @RahimdadThanks for the reply. Please let me know which toothpaste are you planning to use that has granules. Anxiously waiting for you to share the results
  5. @Srikumar thx. Won't sand paper ruin the glass with scratches and make it look more dull?
  6. Dear Friends, Headlights of my Pajero are aging; although I got them polished a year ago but the condition turned a bit bad again. Any recommended product which could easily be used after every 6 months? Or a garage/service center (with price estimation) who could do the job better than applying product ourself?
  7. Thanks for your support @shadow79; appreciate that brother.
  8. That's correct if someone buy a complete new assembly with mirror. But I am asking if someone is interested to buy only the inside mirror and not the whole assembly, is it separately available new aftermarket?
  9. And how about the price of inside mirror only if, by chance, one breaks it while un-mounting?
  10. @shadow79, is AED 315/- price for whole mirror with assembly or only the inside mirror? A couple of months ago, I inquired by calling a spare parts shop - the mirror with assembly cost AED 850/- in Sharjah.
  11. @shadow79, yes it is with auto fold with press of a button.
  12. @shadow79 any recommended workshop for this paint job? and any estimated time would they take?
  13. @shadow79, you are absolutely correct with the vital checks. I have actually made both checks already and there is no smoke in either case. I assume I got the oil level reduced bcoz of long duration i.e. 6 months use without a change.
  14. @shadow79 There is no smoke at all from the car. @Fuad, it might appear after completing half of rated oil mileage.
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