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  1. @shadow79 you are right about Toyota and Lexus. Even Hondas have both side UP+DOWN feature with a single button touch. For my Pajero, driver side glass goes DOWN with a single touch but doesn't come UP with a single touch. I have to keep the button upward until glass closes.
  2. Hi Everyone, I got a Gen-4 Pajero 2012 and its driving side glass doesn't go up with one touch like in any other car. I have to hold it upward until the glass goes all the way up. Is it a malfunction in my case or all Pajeros are like that?
  3. What I learnt till now is this dash rattling is common in Pajero on rough terrains and humps/jumps. This is because there is no metal/iron bracket support in 4th gen Pajero. I have seen on another forum, Some people in Cape Town made a iron bracket and install it via opening front end of dashboard and it reduces this rattling in rough roads. Not sure if someone does so in UAE too.
  4. Wao that's great To hear Vishnu. Hope 1155 covers cost of labour n parts both?
  5. Thanks @vishlad702 for the pop up. The dashboard noise is what I got since my purchase last October. I have read many forums and seen YouTube videosthat suggest that feeling road bumps and roughness is a matter with every Pajero.It makes rattling noise only on rough road. May be I feel it as I never drove SUV before n have other car as Accord which is quiet n smooth. Is this garage owned by Mr. Mohsin as adcisedbby @Barry from where you got the work done?
  6. Awaiting your kind response @Barry and other colleagues?
  7. Hi @vishlad702 any update how was your overall experience of replacing timing belt and what other stuff did you change. I would also request to tell us the total cost involved in this maintenance.
  8. Thanks @Barry for your recommendations. So, should I go for Mitsubishi or Gates timing belt and where can I get it in Sharjah? Also, I need your recommendations of some garage in Sharjah for this work in AED 1.5-2K please. Any advise on who can help me in Sharjah/Dubai to fix dashboard noise. It doesn't produce any noise on smooth roads but only while moving over humps or think yellow lines found mostly on road turns in Dubai. Does anyone fix the metal brackets here?
  9. Thank you @sertac , @Gauravand @skumar83 for your input. I have heard and read in some other forum on this site that cost of changing timing belt and other stuff shouldn't exceed 1.5k-2K. Is that so? Also, there is a forum of Pajero owners in CapeTown who have some experts to reduce dashboard noise by the installation of metal support brackets through dismounting the audio system and some other parts of dashboard. As per the members of the forum there, it reduces the dashboard noise largely.
  10. @GauravI seek your advice on this Sound insulation sheet; where can I get it from and how to install it on front passenger side floor to reduce engine noise?
  11. Dear Friends, This is my first post here; I was glad to see such a platform wherein we can discuss automobiles and seek recommendations. I bought one Pajero 2012 GOLD color last October, with zero accidents on it till now Alhamdolillah; I seek recommendations on following: 1. Car Dashboard and Backside (may be rear door) makes noise on slight rough service roads and YELLOW road straps (which are more thicker now in Dubai). Otherwise, there is near-to-nil noise on plain roads. 2. Car has done 98K ODO. Should I change the timing belt now, or take it upto 120K (as I read some other friends posting here) in next 2 years as I don't drive it too much? If this is to be replaced, what other major items to be changed and how much will it cost me overall? Any good place in Sharjah or Dubai wherein I can get it fixed. I was told by a garage in Shj (who worked on my past car Corolla, Accord etc repairs for last 5 years) that Timing Belt and other good-to-be-replaced-with-TimingBelt stuff will cost around 3K. 3. There is a steering wheel grinding noise whenever I turn it any side. Otherwise, it moves smooth. How to get it fixed and in what cost?
  12. @vishlad702, Please share your experience of changing the belt through Mr. Mohsen (referred to by Barry). I would like to know where is the location, how much did it cost and what parts are included in the replacement deal?
  13. Welcome to Carnity.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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