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  1. @Barry thank you and I called Yahya and he is offering AED 1200/- for the genuine cloth replacement.
  2. @desertdude that’s exactly what I had in my mind until yesterday but got more clarity today when I visited 3 shops. 250/- guy isn’t giving 3 yrs warranty and he just said it could stay this long. If it was the same cloth as of 600/- guy, I would have definitely selected him for the job. But his cloth sample was very cheap quality and so thin that from cloth side you could see through the foam. The cloth 600/- guy showed to me was same to my company installed cloth in color and texture
  3. Thanks guys. I called Sara Autos in Al Qouz too and they said 1300/- plus VAT. So, I am going with the one giving 5 years warranty in 600/-.
  4. I visited shops in Sharjah today and none of them gives any guarantee. 1. Newyork Auto Upholstery Al Khan Road offer aed250/- for the job but the cloth he showed wasn’t of good quality. He said it could stay 2-3 years. 2. Alwan Auto Accessories and Upholstery said they shall charge aed500/- but put a nice quality cloth. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see samples as the shop was under renovation but they confirmed they won’t use cheap Chinese cloth and claimed that none of their came back with issues. 3. Al Khaskha Auto Seats Upholstery offered good cloth in aed500/- but the cloth sample wasn’t of same texture.
  5. @Gaurav the prices 600 and 250 are for full new replacement jobs; so it’s same. I visited a shop today in Karama who showed me the nee cloth sample similar to what my car has and asking for aed 600/- with 5 years gaurantee. I shall visit tomorrow the guy in Sharjah who offered aed 250/- for the similar job. Let’s see if he has the cloth same to my car. I prefer same cloth because my sun wiser has same cloth on it.
  6. @Frederic and @Gaurav, Thank you for your input. I have read your response on that topic. The price I got over phone from 2 shops in Sharjah is AED 500-600 for complete cloth replacement. There is another shop which my garage guy recommended and he is asking AED 250 for the same job (not sure how he could offer it in half the price).
  7. @ Frederic, no sunroof brother; I have attached pictures now, you can see it. Its fully DRY and in perfect dry condition.
  8. Hi All, My Honda Accord 2012 headliner sagged a bit down on top of Driver & Passenger side; it has a fabric material not Alcantra. I managed to call a couple of auto upholstery shops in Sharjah and everyone saying they shall remove the old cloth, clean the board and put a new matching color cloth. Just wondering if a DIY is possible to paste the removed cloth back as it is only a portion of it, or else if some fellow could recommend a place who could do the same thing rather than a new cloth installation.
  9. Thanks; that's what I was thinking to order since higher grit papers aren't available in hardware shops near my place.
  10. Thanks @Frederic & @Brette. I shall ensure to get 3000 grit paper for the next job.
  11. Thank you once again for your suggestion @Brette. I tried it on the long weekend and it worked. However, I got only 2000 grit sand paper from nearby and used it, Afterwards, I used Getf1 headlamp polisher and Formula 1 Scratch Out Compound. It brought freshness in the headlights. However, the shine didn't come back.
  12. Thank you @Brette; this is exactly what I had in my mind and would give it a try. @desertdude thanks man - I would definitely prefer doing it myself; the delay was caused by time constraint and non-urgent nature of restoration job.
  13. Thanks. Any other recommended service provider in Sharjah or nearby Dubai areas who could do the job? I have seen some cobone and groupon deals doing it for AED 40/- but the location of garages are far ahead for a person living in Sharjah.
  14. @Rahimdad Did you try cleaning your pathy's headlights with a toothpaste? Can you please share your experience?
  15. @RahimdadThanks for the reply. Please let me know which toothpaste are you planning to use that has granules. Anxiously waiting for you to share the results
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