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Temporary Paint Protection for Long Drive to Saudi

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Dear Friends,

I am looking for advice to protect my car paint in long drive from UAE to Salalah or UAE to Saudi. I see people use to put some sand color spray protection when they travel long by road to protect car paint.

Second option I heard about is to use Rust Oleum Rock Gaurd spray paint that develops a thick transparent or color layer which could be removed later. 

Third common thing used by Saudi frequent travelers to pour Lux Dish Washer on bonnet n bumper etc.

Please advise what is best method to temporarily protect the paint in such desert road drives?

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Something like this perhaps:


I’d be very cautious about applying a kind of spray as it might burn into the original paint and leave Permanent damage.

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@MisterPoet only Paint Protection Film (PPF) can give your paint serious protection in the long run. However, it is expensive and very difficult to install (depending on how the panels of the car are formed). It must be applied by an experienced professional. Having used it on my race track car to protect door sills and fenders from debris and stone chips, it is the only thing I would recommend.

A less invasive way is to apply a Nano Ceramic Coating which forms a glossy layer on top of your paint. This doesn’t protect the paint too much from chipping but it does support in reducing the harmful yellowing that will happen from sun rays and any tree sap and bug residue that can remain behind. You need at least three coats of it and a curing time of at least 24 hrs for it to bond.

As @Frederic has stated above, please don’t coat the surface with sprays. The chemical formulations may not remove if they adhere too deep. Secondly, paint on your car’s body is not evenly sprayed on. It loses its layers over time. A master detailer usually tests the thickness of paint before evening out high spots to give you consistency. An even paint base will make an even base for anything else that goes on top as protection.

Lastly, I wouldn’t think this hard about paint protection unless you’ve just had your car resprayed or you think that your paint is one of a kind that needs special protection, in which case PPF is your best bet.

Your car (if driven correctly) and not enduring damage won’t get so destroyed in driving long distances on open highways even if you passed through a sandstorm, which could happen if it was sitting still in the UAE.

Have it waxed to remove surface contaminants, detailed and polished by a professional and get a regular ceramic coating, and you’ll be just fine.

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I drove to Riyadh few months back, I went with my Xterra so didn’t really bother putting any kind of protection to the paint. When I returned I noticed some numerous amount of stone chips on the hood.


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The only real way to protect your car from sand scratches is by installing a transparent film , 3M have this special protection film, that they will install on the front bumper , headlights, mirrors and half of the bonnet.

Another solution you can get from the accessories shops they can creat like a thick leather cover for the entire bonnet , even the lights will have a plastic transparent cover ( in saudi very common)  but veryyy noisy on the road .

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