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    Sunroof - Tyres

    Thanks skumar Yes that could be an approach, but what I saw is that there is no big difference in prices. Ok - There is no motor sound at all while pushing the button. I guess also that this could be an specific fuse issue. Who is the right garage for this ? is Dynatrade cheaper?
  2. Model : 2015 Engine: 3.5 Problem 1: Sunroof button is not working for opening the sunroof, however, it tilts the roof atleast. I purchased second hand, and being a novice, i could not check all the features at the buying time, but later - realized few issues. Who is the right technician to fix this in lower prices in Dubai or Sharjah? Problem 2: I need to replace all the Tyres, as there is a vibration during 90-110 km. I shortlisted Yokohama 265/65/R17 Geolander G056 (Taiwan) Cost : 410 / - And Bridgestone D840 (Japan) 465/- Experts - Please suggest the best one as well as the best reliable shop for genuine products. Regards Baba
  3. Welcome to Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.