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  1. If you are really obsessed with stick go for it else stay with Auto. choice is all yours 😉
  2. So here comes my update so far - 1. Checked engine -ripped off as heard some minor sounds from engine and it was found exhaust side camshaft was broken- replaced it and overhauled engine and now it works fine 2. Replaced all fluids and after replacing the steering pump doesn't feel well with new oil. Bought another pump - waiting the garage to replace it. ( one advantage i found with pathfinder R50 is that all parts are easily available and of low cost ) 3.Front suspension damaged and need to be replaced - replaced with heavy duty CR7 suspension and it works fine 4.Running on stock coils its so fun to drive a manual here it brings back me nostalgia of driving car back home ( in India). 😍
  3. I love that part of dunes a lot.. once done it without bash plate on my pajero and it was a nightmare at the end.
  4. You are seriously into a manual car. can we expect something ? 😍
  5. Sensible driving !!! That hits me back. wont it be a problem if we start crusting dunes? 😔
  6. Do you have a bash plate for your pathy ? @Rahimdad @G.huz
  7. My Honda Accord is also drinking few amount of oil,that was what the garage guy told me last time. Now i am checking oil weekly once for the reduction. Hasn’t found reduction yet. Waiting for the sign.
  8. Purely electrical is not supposed to be great and reliable. 😂😂😂
  9. I checked with Oman insurance,RSA and few others and its just changes with very few bucks and i am moving forward with RSA as at the end its always hassle free free service for both parties i got same RSA for my pajero and am happy with RSA.
  10. I agree with @Gaurav but how we can strap such a metal piece in our offroad vehicle. I am a but concerned about it.
  11. Thats for 3rd party 4WD V6 quote. I never claimed so far for any of my vehicles.
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