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  1. Manual 😍. Love it to the core. @Frederic would always recommend unichip. Safe and the best with 5 hacks so you can use it for different occasions. Omani hack turns transmission into limp mode which pops up “check engine light”. Dont ever play with pajero transmission, its kicks back so hard. (A victim)
  2. Price is a bit high, it will be good if its between 6-7k. I personally suggest for 2004/2005 model as 2003 has ECU and Maf sensor problem. You need to change it frequently if you are using it as a desert toy.Make sure that you have the metal Maf sensor as it withstands for desert drives. Plastic ones which comes before 2004 model is not reliable.
  3. So you are preferring manual transmission? Well maintained lifted, offroad ready pathfinder 2005 automatic asking price is only 14000. This is over priced. when looking for manual, consider obtaining spare parts is very hard. Rare to find manual parts n scraps.
  4. Will prefer Xtera as my first choice. Its pretty solid vehicle with adequate power to conquer any terrain. Jz keep in mind that u need to have a skid plate to be the first thing done before taking out for sand.
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