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  1. Thanks @MATHEW FELEX . Will try as i am still in India and possibly wont make it to the date. Stuck here. I will surely let you know if i am back. @Barry sorry i wont make it due to some unavoidable issues.
  2. Yallah... Am in. Will ensure in few days. @Barry you can join me if i am there. No worries my friend always welcome.
  3. Hahahaha.. But i will miss this time.. will sure join coming week to hear the whole story. 😉
  4. Thanks. 👍🏻
  5. Do anyone knows Dragon Mart Shop timings for Ramadan 2019
  6. I felt it like a cricket ball after we hit. The biggest mistake for him was giving him a license to drive/Fly 🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. But that with issue for 2008- 2011 Pajeros i hope. 2012 and after its holding the gears doesn't shift while climbing.
  8. Carnity is always my Family. Its the best site which can answer all my queries , suggest me something good, advise me of the best, it all about being a family. I love the support they provide in all cases. The offroad club its super awesome. A great great family.Super relaxing fun,adventure ready club. It makes us wait for fridays to meet the most enthusiastic charming personalities who is so keen in teaching the offroad techniques with a lot of patience. ( every clubs, if we ask for a suggestion of mods- they quote the best mods available on market which is far more expensive and unreachable for everyone but when ot comes to carnity every time i hear a question about mods needed,the answer i hear from expertises is that “Join the club,Feel the car, check whether its ok for you or do you really love off-roading before you do something to your car” and i believe thats the genuine answer some one can give for a newbie) Love you carnity to the Moon and Back.
  9. Oh my God 😱 so happy that doesn't live in Sharjah
  10. Fuad

    Ramadan timings

    10-4 is duty time but its ok if we can do it 9-3 also.
  11. This is for Nissan & toyota right? Can you plz confirm?
  12. Then its great. Enjoy. Love to meet you n next drive.😉
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