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  1. That exactly the same thing @Frederic was explaining ‘upshift issues’. when in manual mode car automatically upshifts to next gear upon reaching desired RPM and we looses all of sudden power while climbing a dune . Models after 2011 doesn't has this problem. RPM reaches to 6500 without any issues and no issues of upshifting. And i will never support Omani Hack as it transforms vehicle into safe mode restraining many things. Never ever use 4LLc other than recoveries if you don't want to kill transmission. i am one of the victim.
  2. Congrats @Halit Mert Issever👍🏻 keep up the spirit
  3. No i am not driving with carnity. Will be in sweihan with different one and will meet and greet you guys on the way. 😉
  4. Will meet you guys in sweihan. Will be around there. 😉 @G.huz 😉
  5. Hahaha you are genius with those scissors
  6. Yeah i was thinking so. 275/75/16 😳 am running in 265/70/16.
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