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  1. Thanks @Barry, the good 'ol rev to 3K for 15 second intervals to bleed the lifters. I will try this with no expectations (but with high hopes) since I understand that this works for rattly lifters from start-up.
  2. Hi @Gaurav. The garage drained my creamy oil and have put in Valvoline 5w40 during this job. Do you think that oil type will be a factor even at this stage where all 24 lifters are now new?
  3. FINAL UPDATE: So I got the car on Saturday and while it did sound quieter, I will be the first to admit that there is still a rattling sound. This is still present on idle once the car reaches its operating temp (around 45% of the temp gauge). The ticking/tapping sound was reduced, but a rattling sound is still there. Perhaps my expectations of a totally quiet Pajero is unrealistic as this sound seems to be common on Pajeros as I have a friend who just bought a brand new Pajero 3.5 had this sound as well (although a tad softer). Or maybe I am just telling myself this to make myself feel better? Anyway, at least now I can go on knowing that my lifters are brand new and everything else on that side of the engine is in perfect condition. On to the next mod/fix I suppose.
  4. UPDATE: So these bad boys were put in during the weekend. The holes on these did seem bigger, in which the tip of a ballpoint pen can fit easily. I will be picking up the car from the garage today so we shall see if this is the end of this issue.
  5. UPDATE: Work on this finally began 2 days ago. The mechanic started by draining the oil and to his surprise, this is what greeted him: I got a call from him informing me about this creamy discovery. I then reminded him about using Liqui Moly Ceratec during the time I was throwing everything at the car hoping something sticks (or un-stick the sticky lifters...) but apparently seeing the actual oil still startled him. I assured him that this is normal and I even sent him videos of Ceratec users showing their oil mixed with Ceratec which were similar to the above. They then finally opened the valve covers yesterday and confirmed that it was indeed the lifters causing the noise as almost all have collapsed and all other parts looked ok. He explained that this is a classic case of neglected maintenance in which the previous owner probably used cheap oil or didn't perform oil change at proper intervals (or both). So next step is parts sourcing which was supposedly done yesterday as well and should be going in by evening. I will get an update later this afternoon so here's hoping that it is done by then.
  6. Awesome detailed write up, especially for the non-technical person (i.e. myself). I am just curious as to how RTA view this modification. Is this acceptable come renewal time? Ok I just read the other thread where this was already answered... Please disregard my question.
  7. Screw all your practical and logical reasoning, this by itself makes bigger rims worth it!
  8. Hope you don't mind, but I would rather not share their details yet at this stage. The job is ongoing and if the final result falls short of our expectations (worst case), it will unintentionally give them bad PR in the end. But once job is completed and successful, I will surely share their details and even promote them here.
  9. UPDATE: I've finally bitten the proverbial bullet and left the Pajero to a garage to get this thing over and done with. I've opted for a garage where I felt most comfortable (especially with their technical expertise and experience with Pajeros). So I'm really hopeful that this issue will be resolved by them. The plan is to get the valve covers off first and assess what's going on in there. I was advised not to buy any parts yet until we can determine the actual cause of the tapping/ticking sound. I will post updates every now and then as this progresses. So watch this space.
  10. I came across this from another group which is worth a try. It's in arabic so I am not sure exactly what is being said, but we can see clips that need to be pressed firmly which can possibly minimise the vibration. Side-Mirror-Vibrate-Fix.mp4
  11. Hi @Sunit To add re: servicing, since you are at 116k kms, your next major service should be done @ 120k kms. Habtoor estimated for me costs of approx Dhs 2600 for this service. I've asked a couple of garages and all have provided me a quote ranging from Dhs 1400 - 1700 for the same job. Also, did you check with the previous owner if he has already changed the timing belt and spark plugs? These are supposed to be done @ 100k kms. You'll need to check with Habtoor since he's claiming to have done the 100K service there. Because if not done yet, then you are looking at another Dhs 2-3k to spend, depending on which garage you'll get this done (Habtoor is not an option, unless you have an extra Dhs 4-5k burning a hole in your pocket...).
  12. For a 2008 model, your premium seems to be very high. My 2014 Pajero's insurance is Dhs 2K, full comprehensive from RSA. Just out of curiosity, what is your car's insured value?
  13. Well, that (budget) escalated quickly...
  14. And here I am thinking that this is a thread about the ongoing flood of welcome threads to new members... LOL.
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