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  1. Thanks, got it. You can remove your post now. I will send you photos in a bit.
  2. You and me both... If you don't mind, can I have your mobile number? I can WhatsApp you the pics so we don't bother the nice people here with our back and forth.
  3. Hi Per. I think PMs are not possible on this site anymore. Anyway, I have stock 17s from on a 2014 Pajero and can consider changing to 18s as I am not really interested in doing offroad activities. Let me know if you're interested in an exchange. Thanks.
  4. Came across this. I have mixed feelings on this. I mean, if one wants to build an offroad toy I am pretty sure one wouldn't even consider a subcompact car. But props to him as it looks badass in a kind of weird and novel way. How do you think this will fare in the desert?
  5. Hello all, or at least to those still interested. I did my 120K servicing a couple of weeks back and asked the garage to include the rear axle cleaning & greasing to get a shot at fixing this issue. And although I don't use the car daily, during the times I did there was no 'tok' sound to be heard anymore. I drove in heavy traffic multiple times already and every time was intently listening to confirm this and I am really glad to say that it was resolved. I had a couple of job done as well (i.e. full brake overhauling) during the servicing so I will not attest the fix to the axle cleaning & greasing 100%. Maybe around 98% only... Hopefully this also helps those experiencing the same before they go wild replacing unnecessary stuff.
  6. I've been here in the UAE for 12 years and this part still annoys me. I can understand when there is a clear path in front, but during a light/medium traffic where there are also cars in front of me, do you expect me and all the cars in traffic to move out of the way for you? I mean, I also want to go fast but obviously there is some traffic in front of me. And add to the tailgaiting the way they park, haphazardly occupying 2 spaces. We get it, you a VVVVVVVVIP, hence you park that way. Seriously, I don't know whether to get upset or pity them.
  7. This might help: http://www.t3atlanta.com/blog/car-tips/what-happens-if-you-overfill-auto-oil/
  8. Thanks @Michael sammy for the detailed explanation. This here ^^ was among the diagnosis I got and this came from no less an ex-Habtoor mechanic (who has his own garage now) so it is possible that this might also work in my case. Sometimes its just the simplest explanation that makes sense. I am inclined on getting my 120k service done in his garage so I will definitely bring this up with him again to include among the services to be done. Thanks again.
  9. Hi @Michael sammy. Thanks for asking. No, the 'tok' sound still lingers. And I haven't gone to a new garage since I posted this thread. So we look forward to seeing your detailed explanation on how you solved yours.
  10. Thanks @GumbyAKhan. Sorry to hear that it didn't solve everything. I will have to get mine checked as advised here as it seems different from what you've experienced. Here's hoping its indeed just the rear diff bushing for me..
  11. That's messed up. Was the glue included or did you apply that yourself? Asking you this so I can remove my cheap suction-grip phone holder on my car and avoid a similar fate.
  12. Thanks @shadow79. Fortunately there are no light jerks on steering while accelerating nor braking.
  13. Hey @GumbyAKhan, any update on this? Has it resolved all issues?
  14. One of the garage I went to did lift the car and checked for excessive play around all 4 tyres as well as the steering box, transfer case, and drive shaft. They visually checked and tried to wiggle, shake, prod, etc, just to see if there is any movement that will produce a metallic clunk (aka 'tok'). But as expected, it didn't rear its ugly head. On another forum, a similar issue was brought up and a couple of ideas floated around by those is that there might be issues with the stab link, or brakes, or the bolts & nuts of the arms (loose), and even ball joints. But considering that the sound isn't always there - not heard while driving on rough patches, not heard during turning, heck it doesn't even come during the morning traffic (might it be that heat, afternoon and after car has completed warmed up, also plays a factor?) - does this still seem like a bush issue?
  15. I thought so. Guess I was taken for a ride by the garage then.
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