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  1. Thanks for the suggestion @shadow79, but isn't this counterproductive? In theory, the reason for the noise is due to lack of oil/lubrication that fails to reach the lifters. Having a thicker, heavier oil will just exacerbate the problem, wouldn't it? Also, the sound itself is indeed bothering me but knowing that this is not normal and is a result of a mechanical issue somewhere is concerning.
  2. Thanks for the update @hAwX. I've already done the engine flush with Liqui Moly Engine Flush Plus and have put Liqui Moly Lifter Additive after oil change (although I only put 1). I'm just at 300-400kms / 3 days after oil change so there should still be hope since you realised 'results' only after driving 2000kms... @nutbolt thanks, I will try and do as suggested. But how can I know if the ticking sound goes away while revving to 3000 rpm when the engine roar/noise will just drown them? Anyhow, will still try this later. BTW, I found out that Habtoor will charge Dhs 525 just to check the car....
  3. @Gaurav I have the same reservations about "official" agencies here. You tell them something out of the ordinary (anything outside of oil change), they then give you a puzzled look as if your'e crazy... Ok so I managed to take a video of the car during start-up and after 40mins. During cold start-up, just your usual engine noise with high rpm (especially from 0:49 onwards). Bonus points if you spot the faulty fog light (ref: my other thread): But 40 minutes and 45 kms later, the rattling party has ensued: Sound is not heard while inside the car so that's a positive. But dropping off the car for valet in a snobby hotel would probably make heads turn (not in a good way though)...
  4. Hi all. Just to update you on this issue - I have done the following on Friday: Bought Liqui Moly Engine Flush Plus and used it prior to oil change Changed oil to Mobil 0w40. I've been using this before (different car) and was suggested here Added Liqui Moly Hydraulic Lifter additive Said a little prayer prior to starting So I then started the car and to my surprise...... the sound was still there. I then said to myself, ok let's give this Dhs400 additional unexpected unplanned expense some time. Miracles do happen, I told myself. So by now the car has ran 250+kms since the oil change.... and the sound is still there. The issue with my car is not really consistent with what I've been reading about. During start-ups in the morning, the ticking sound is non-existent. As in none, no trace of it whatsoever. I warm up the engine for a good 5 minutes and still no sound. Only after reaching work (45kms and 30mins drive) do I notice the sound. For sure it started earlier, but obviously I can't stick my head out and listen to the engine while driving just to wait for the sound to come. In short, perhaps its something else? The lifter theory makes sense but is the complete opposite for my car as it only comes AFTER the car is warmed up. But the sound it makes is identical to what a lifter tap tap sound should be and comes from the top of the engine (70% sure of this). But then my expertise on this is only based on what the interwebs tell me. And despite good offers from guys here in Carnity to check the car, I can't seem to find time to take them up on their goodwill as my schedule doesn't permit. I've gone to lengths such as when I see a Pajero on the street parked with engine running, I walk near it to listen if it has the same sound. Fortunately (or not), some have them in varying tunes/pitch and some don't (mostly the new ones). So this is still a head scratcher for me. Should I go to Habtoor and bite the bullet and have this checked? I am ok to pay them just to check as long as the amount is reasonable and the diagnosis is correct. I can then get it fixed outside. What say you?
  5. Keithryan

    Only 1 fog light working

    It's definitely not on the bulb mount or on that wiring's end. It was clean with no corrosion and no loose connection. And like a true expert, I tried moving, tapping, pushing, shaking, shouting and cursing at it after mounting the new and old bulb hoping to get it to work, or even just a flicker. No dice though. I haven't tried tapping (or cursing) the relay though, so I might do this later.
  6. Thanks @Barry. It seems to be more of a tap tap (rattle) than a knock knock. There is a knock during sudden acceleration, but that's another thread/topic, after which I'll probably post about the joys of buying a used car in Dubai! Anyway, thanks for the offer. I will surely take you up on that. Will message you.
  7. I dug this old thread: It seems to be the same issue, albeit not as loud. Anybody remember if this was resolved?
  8. Thanks again @Gaurav. I sure hope that a change in oil will address this issue. I will also wait to hear from the technical people here.
  9. I knew it, free stuff is not always good! To answer your questions: Bought used only 2 weeks back. Noise has been there since I bought it. It just seems more pronounced now, come to think of it. When I got the car, it has done 108,970 kms. It is now at 109,900 kms. Oil and oil filter were changed on 10th January. No idea. When is this supposed to be changed? Car had history with Habtoor until 40,000 kms. So by assuming the worst, only oil and oil filters were changed from that point onwards. I know a Mobil 1 lube centre in Sharjah. I used to get my previous car's 'minor' servicing there. Should I go for it and see if this solves the issue?
  10. Before I brought my car to this garage, I had asked him to quote for timing belt change and 10k oil change. He basically discounted by removing the oil change costs. So this was basically just an add-on. At least I can tell myself this if/when I decide to again change oil.... 😠 Btw, the noise was already there before I brought it in this garage. So there's that.
  11. I checked with the garage that did the oil change: they used Aisin 5w40 (fully synthetic). This is the first I've heard of this brand. Is this any good? The noise actually does not go away after warming up. It seems to be consistent..
  12. Thanks @Gaurav. I just had the oil changed and is supposedly good for another 10K so I can't afford to change oil anytime soon. I'll probably be a bit more selective (and assertive) in the specific oil to be used come next oil change. In the interim, what if I add another 500ml oil as suggested by some? actually, the suggestion was 1 quart (approx. 0.9 liter) with the rationale behind this is that not enough oil reaches the lifters on top, hence add more. seems to have worked for some. will this work or is this not really advisable?
  13. It seems I'm spamming this forum, but I hope everyone takes this as a positive since I keep coming back for more help from the group. On topic: since I just got a 2nd hand Pajero, obviously I've checked different units prior to selecting what I have bought, I've noticed the engine ticking/clicking sound all too common on this model (4th gen). Some had louder noise than others, but all seems to have this sound up to a certain extent. So I figured that the car I had selected is ok for it to have said sound since its a Pajero thing. I've been reading about this and can see that its a common issue for Mitsu V6 engines. Culprit seems to be the valve lifters (lifter tick as its commonly referred to according to the internet). I've come across fixes as well, ranging from warming up (rev to 3000rpm for 15secs), to changing oil type, overfilling oil by 500ml, diesel flush, etc. etc., with each having positive and negative reviews. For the 4th Gen owners out there, or even older models as it seems to be present on earlier Pajero iterations as well, do you also experience this? If yes, have you done something about it? This video seems to be the closest to what I've been hearing:
  14. Keithryan

    Only 1 fog light working

    Thanks @shadow79. No more DIY for me now. I agree that I'll need to have this done professionally.
  15. Keithryan

    Only 1 fog light working

    Thanks both. @Gaurav Let me see if I can find the relay. @Frederic Nuyttens I actually did change this myself as it seemed pretty easy based on the workshop manual. But in reality it took me an hour when it should have been a 15-minute job! Hands are both still ok so far... Anyway, I mounted the new bulb and it didn't work. So I removed it again and put the old one back thinking that its probably not a bulb issue since the brand new one didn't work either. Basically I've mounted it twice, so probability of me doing this correctly is ok-ish, what with having 2 cracks at it (plus it was quite tight when I first removed it).