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  1. And here I am thinking that this is a thread about the ongoing flood of welcome threads to new members... LOL.
  2. Again, I am not here to argue. Your website, your rules. Last I know is that this is still an open (and still free) forum so everyone is entitled to their opinion. It is up to @Carnity @Gaurav to take these positively and constructively. There are lots of online models that are still free with no obligation whatsoever from which Carnity can take a page. So Carnity can still be a no-obligation website with hybrid points system that rewards and retain active members without scaring away new potential active members. So there, I've said my piece. Let's see how this works out. Until then, I'll carry on with updating you guys with my plights and solutions (if I ever relise solutions..)
  3. @nutbolt LOL, I must have struck a nerve or something. You seem to be bothered by an opinion on a free and open forum. Bothered enough to dig up and masterfully edit a quote that is not even relevant to the stance I was making. And I am not even sure if you were trying to be sarcastic or funny. Or both? Btw, where did I mention that a non-active member is of good use? But for argument's sake, a non-active member is good for website stats. So that's at least one good use... Anyway, you seem to have life figured out so good for you Sir.
  4. Ok, I get that Carnity is trying to boost engagement but this would lessen new members. Yes, new members can still join but will then be (most likely) deactivated after. This will result in having more engagement from existing/regular members, but with a smaller chance of increasing new active/quality members. Plus giving each member a number to hit would probably result in more canned responses or posts, just for the sake of getting points. As a new member with just a few points under my belt (4 points as of writing this post, with another 4 points coming after I click the 'Submit Reply' button), I would also be deactivated by month end... I dunno, but every online community will have active regulars, non-active regulars, browsers, lurkers. It's just that way for online forums, and quite understandably so as not all members would be able to post, react, or even browse on a regular basis. It would seem very non-inclusive of Carnity to impose that every member has to be active or otherwise risk getting his/her account deactivated. Just my 2 cents. I hope I don't get kicked out even before my 'subscription' is due to be paid by end of the month.
  5. Hi all. To update you on this - tappets have not been replaced yet. And with the 120k major servicing looming ahead, it may be another 2 months (earliest) before I can get this done. Unless something major happens (Big Ticket FTW!)... Although I did manage to personally go to Habtoor in Sharjah to get a quote on the tappets. I got a better rate than what Habtoor Garhoud told me over the phone. Habtoor Sharjah guy said he can give me each tappet for DHS 43 (x 24pcs). The price difference between Habtoor and Divya has now narrowed down so I will surely get them from Habtoor instead. I wasn't able to get photos of the tappets from them as they didn't have them there and had to be requested from Dubai warehouse. Either that or the Habtoor guy was just lazy to get one from their stock room. Anyway, what I've done for the mean time is to change oil (again). I am now trying a heavier oil 10w40 Liqui Moly Leichtlauf (not to be mistaken with the Super Leichtlauf). It was changed yesterday and surprisingly, no change on the sound. I still was hopeful that it will lessen the sound, but once again disappointment prevailed. So between 2 oil change in the last 2.5 months, I've spent a total of DHS 600, which is more than half of what the tappets cost. But yeah, no regrets babyyy! Going back to tappets replacement, it will be approx DHS 1,600 to get this done. This is the same cost to get the 120k major service done. The Pajero's current mileage is still at 115k, so basically I can consider doing the tappet change first, then do the major service after 2 months since the Pajero has been promoted to weekend car... Hmmm..
  6. Yeah, I realised that I didn't take a photo of the tappet itself right after leaving Divya.. Anyway, next stop is Habtoor probably this weekend so I will take a photo of the tappet then.
  7. UPDATE: So I've started with the legwork and visited Divya (or Dhanya, I'm confused which one I entered...) and checked out the tappet in the metal. Actual pic below: One would think that a product labeled genuine (and Made in Japan!) is actually genuine. Seems legit? Seriously though, isn't Divya an authorised genuine Mitsu part dealer? And yet the price difference vs Habtoor is so significant that gets you to think twice. I actually asked the sales guy in Divya about this to which he said Habtoor doesn't give discount, hence the price difference.
  8. Keithryan

    The movie club

    Given the demographics on this site, I'm surprised none have mentioned 'Black Mirror' as a recommended series. Interesting takes on technology and its effects on social issues. If you have short attention span (aka no time to invest in a long series) and is interested in the dark side of technology, I would recommend this as each episodes are stand alone/anthology (or are they?).
  9. Thanks @Gaurav. Always appreciate your help and advises. @Rahimdad despite being here (virtually) for only a month, the regulars have been very helpful. I definitely look forward to updating this thread with the results once completed. So watch this space!
  10. I used to have a 2011 Pajero which had the same issue. The driver side mirror would shake especially at high speed but it wasn't that bad that I managed despite daily travels at 130kph at that time. But since I also got that used from Al Futtaim, I did bother to ask them for a solution to which they said I need to replace the entire side mirror assembly. My current 2014 Pajero driver side mirror does vibrate a bit (I may be nitpicking) but not similar to my previous Pajero. I guess this is another Pajero thing. So yeah, I am also curious to hear from anyone who had had this problem and managed to resolve it (without changing the entire mirror assembly as suggested by the experts at Al Futtaim).
  11. Hi guys. Just wanted to update this thread - I've seen 3 more mechanics (thanks @Carnity, the 'Get Quotes in Minutes' feature works) and all 3 have basically confirmed that the tappets are to blame. Although 1 of them said that this is normal and I should just put thicker oil (no, not Saleem). Anyway, I'm saving up for parts as each tappet/lifter is Dhs 30 from Divya and Dhs 54 from Habtoor. Replacing all 24 will add up so I guess its a no brainer where I should get them. I've been quoted no less than Dhs 500 for labour in several garages (a whole day's work) so I guess it will take time before I update this thread again with an 'after' results. But once done, I will surely post the results here.
  12. Thanks @Barry very informative and helpful as usual. It's becoming clear that finding a trustworthy garage will be a challenge. By any chance, do you know of any garage or have any recommendations where I can get this done the right way?
  13. Ok so I finally found time to actually have this issue checked by a mechanic. He checked and even used a stethoscope like tool to confirm if the ticking/tapping sound was indeed coming from the engine. Long story short, he was confident that this IS a tappet issue, even letting me hear it using the aforementioned tool. Both left and right part of the engine had the tapping sound. So naturally my next question was can they do it (change the tappets) and what would be the approx. cost. The mechanic assured me that this is not an urgent issue that needs to be addressed asap, but asked me to observe if the sound becomes louder over time. I also told him the steps I've done trying to resolve this to which he said it might still yield results after some kms/usage. He suspect that the previous owner did not regularly change oil. So here's hoping for a minor miracle. But this didn't stop me from asking the worst case scenario - what if I do need to change the tappets, how much are we looking at? Understandably, he didn't have any figure yet but was told that the gaskets alone would cost approx. Dhs 1-1.5K. What more when you add the tappets and labour.. And it will take 2-3 days to do the job. Does this sound about right @Barry @shadow79?
  14. Thanks for the suggestion @shadow79, but isn't this counterproductive? In theory, the reason for the noise is due to lack of oil/lubrication that fails to reach the lifters. Having a thicker, heavier oil will just exacerbate the problem, wouldn't it? Also, the sound itself is indeed bothering me but knowing that this is not normal and is a result of a mechanical issue somewhere is concerning.
  15. Thanks for the update @hAwX. I've already done the engine flush with Liqui Moly Engine Flush Plus and have put Liqui Moly Lifter Additive after oil change (although I only put 1). I'm just at 300-400kms / 3 days after oil change so there should still be hope since you realised 'results' only after driving 2000kms... @nutbolt thanks, I will try and do as suggested. But how can I know if the ticking sound goes away while revving to 3000 rpm when the engine roar/noise will just drown them? Anyhow, will still try this later. BTW, I found out that Habtoor will charge Dhs 525 just to check the car....
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