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  1. you should've seen the popup we had the other day, it was the 2nd time for me to witness a pop out, both were nasty, they looked worst than this one, and both fixed, challenge was what @Asif Hussain said my question is, why do they happen? i mean the both cases i witnessed were with good tyres, and the low pressure wasn't that low to cause a pop out, i mean i was told these tyres should be fine at that level. i've been driving with my bad tyres with as low pressure but didn't face a pop out, and i started to believe maybe chinese tyres are not so bad, until i saw them the other night hehe, i need to upgrade now.
  2. hey guys, sorry, i just realized that i joined without knowing if i qualify. let me know plz
  3. That's a nice app 👌 records by itself... I have an old phone, I just need to get a good mount that doesn't shake hehe otherwise people will might vomit from the fist min hehe
  4. Thanks man... this dune was a nice challenge
  5. Yes, true... I need to get that setup in my car... Good stuff man 👍
  6. @Srikumar lost some serious weight while taking this picture
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