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  1. thanks for the midweek fun drive @M.Seidam... and good to meet you @Lala G - thanks to both of us , turning up as promised and enabling our doc to proceed with the drive with required minimum quorum ...congrats on being the only driver with no stucks 👍👍....please send me the recovery video on 055 94 98 749 ..thanks in advance its been a while since i did this technical area with the Fortuner at FB+ level, so..i had to get stuck somewhere to do justice to the area ...Doc @M.Seidam took us through some areas which i have never visited..the drive was a combo of some intense moments requiring full focus, some relaxed and laid back driving, and some fast paced criss crossing and ridge rides .. i thought the heavy wind at 3PM when we started the drive was going to create some trouble, but thankfully it died down later into the drive, and the mini double crests created by the wind were skillfully avoided by the doc, making the drive safe and trouble free.. the vegetation and its consequent bumps and ditches were a spoilsport at many places..but qudra , and surrounding parts are turning into grass jungles anyway, offroading communities like us are coming to terms with this new normal, so cant really put any blame on it Looking forward to such mid week "stress buster" drives 🤞🤞
  2. Thank you @Simon D for taking us through the Pink Rock to Big Red terrain, and living up to your promise of a roller coaster drive...I am sure our fewbie members got a good taste of the famous Big Red climbs, and also a taste of what awaits them at higher drive levels Good to drive with all of you @Hugo @Abdullah N @Renier Venter @Mohammad Sayawoush Azad @Robk @Faraz94 and @Harshal....everyone drove really great, requiring only minimal support....hope you took home some new learnings....see you all in the next drive as and when our paths cross Just to put across a pointer, banking on yesterdays stuck with @Harshal which i forgot to convey to you Harshal during our post drive chit-chat, - once we are stuck, please do not continue to self recover indefinitely.. its always good to wait for external support so that someone can see your car from outside and make a judgement. Basically , all of us need to know when to "STOP" self recovery...or else we will continue to dig in and end up with all 4 tyres in 4 deep pits (applicable for a typical flat and soft patch like yesterday)....once you are sunk so deep, the effort required to pull you out is exponentially higher which is why i tried to do some digging and make it smooth for my feather weight fortuner compared to your mighty Tundra.. Still ended up with some violent dance moves ..probably has something to do with the angle of pull as well ..Open to comments - @Simon D and everyone
  3. Hello @Sandeep Nayar..its called GAIA, available both on iOS, Android and PC as well Our @Frederic has written a post on the app, which can be found at there are many you tube video resources as well
  4. Wonderful news @Simon D...!!!Congratulations and see you soon in the sands!!
  5. For the other newbie convoy with @Gaurav, we had a nice and balanced drive , exposing our absolute newbies to a variety of terrain and driving techniques. I am sure all of us had a wonderful time getting to know our cars better, finding the right inputs for steering and throttle all through the drive. Our snack stop near the horse farm/stables was the icing on the cake where we could see some beautiful horses grazing , up close. some photos in the gallery https://carnity.com/gallery/category/1945-newbie-murquab-dubai-27-jan-2024/ whoever took some photos can upload at the above archive link Here is the track we took, covering approx 25Km through the deserts of Murquab!! It was nice driving with you all @Salim Akhtar - great seeing you after some time , all the way from abu dhabi, to reinforce the 2L !!! @Vipin M @TIMMY and @Wilfredo Perez had their first experience in sand and hope it was a very enriching one. You all did great for first timers and i'm sure you have taken home loads of learning and pointers to implement on your next drive. Some refusals, stucks , re-attempts etc you went through are the real experiences which will get etched in your mind, to be better prepared for your next sand outing. @monkeywrench - nice to finally meet you, after the brief chats we had on our Fortuner owners' group. Great mods on your car, and hope your re-entry to the sands after a break was enjoyable. Finally we were able to tame that run away diff lock of yours !! @Fabien Monleau at CF binding the 2 parts of the convoy at the centre, had a busy time with guiding our friends to self recover, sometimes with some shovel time also. Good to see you also after a gap @GS periwal @GabrielH - driving at the tail end did a great job in conquering the terrain and slightly churned up track created by the front runners. Occasional refusals, re-attempts are part of the game and learning experiences as Gaurav mentioned during our briefing. Important thing is to keep learning something new and coming back with confidence to try out all the learning. @Nicolò - driving right in front of me, with no issues, which is testament of his prior experiences in sand. See you all on the next adventure!!
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