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  1. Firstly, thank you Asif for sparing me radio battery when my charge ran out. Secondly for taking the time to film the event and capture my RedRide. Also thanks to rahim for being the life of the party. And cheers to all those who made it an enjoyable day by connecting to old and new friends.
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    Hi, im so overwhelmed, excited and little nervous to come for this but hey i just a bought a Jeep not to drive it on asphalt but to swim through sand. I am an absolute newbie and would definitely make it for this drive with my family, since its family bbq. Looking forward to meet the regulars and the veterans. see you all there. p.s. I dont have the relvant offroad gear yet so please acccomdate me.
  4. Hey, been driving a on-road camry since 10 years and thought for an upgrade to an off-road wrangler so I can dive into the sand and leave the tar aside. lived in Dubai since 1995 so it was high time I had a swim in the desert. Excited to join a newbie excursion in the following weekend. cheers.
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