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  1. @Srikumar Yes it worked. Paid through the website of ministry of interior. My fine was given on April 2019 , got a 50% disc too along with a 70 dhs late fee. ( dont know why)
  2. I have a fine in sharjah , were do I pay it . When I check in the RTA online app it dosent show there.
  3. I was wondering whether this is normal for all pajeros or just for me. Mine is a 2012 model 3.5L , 90k kms driven
  4. If u ask me , I would say - unusual sounds coming from your car, sometimes rattling sounds from inside of your dashboard. - cars with saudi plates ( in front of u , they always seems to be lost , and difficult to say what move they will make next) -when signal lights start blinking green towards yellow ( when you are in speeding into a junction and somewhat in doubt whether u can make it or not.
  5. When u pay the pending fine during vehicle renewal , will this discount apply automatically , or is there a diff way to get the discount.
  6. very informative, also the pajero EVO was a bonus info .
  7. sorry guys, I couldn't make it . Got stuck with something very important. Will catch up next time.
  8. hi, I have a 2012 LWB pajero 3.5, Completely stock, no skid plates,not lifted or even offroad tyres. Do u think I can manage . Its my first time .
  9. How good is Pirelli tyres for pajero.I just got an offer from ‘zdegree’ online shop. Pirelli SC-STR 112H - 425dhs Pirelli scorpion verde - 525 dhs Including fitting n taxes .
  10. Thank you for the feedback , will have a look
  11. Hi guys, Iam planning to change tyres for my pajero. Can anyone recommend a good shop. Also the tyre shops in BMW street, are they genuine? Is there a chance that they might sell fake tyres. Suggestion for good tyre brands are also welcome. Looking for onroad tyres with less noise.
  12. yeah it looks nice, but dosen't qualify to be the successor of defender. Defender was so manly and rugged , this looks more cute and futuristic. not impressed
  13. hi guys, I would like to request somebody to donate 100 points for reactivation of my account. thanks
  14. No idea. I just saw this online, so thought so sharing with u guys.
  15. http://faq.out-club.ru/download/pajero_iv/catalogs/pajero-iv-access-JP.pdf
  16. Mines 265/65/R17 . Anyways will check out with some shops. I heard that bigger size rims wil reduce fuel consumption n ride quality .
  17. As I said , i wont be going offroad at all . I like big rims. So i was thinking if ever i put an 18” or 19” would that be an issue in handling / fuel economy/ or any other disadvantages .
  18. Hi everyone, I would like to ask all your valuable experience regarding rim size. I am new to this group , have recently bought a 2012 3.5L pajero (4 door)with 78k km. I have stock 17" rims on it ,thinking of changing to a stylish rim, maybe 18" or 19. I dont plan to do much off road driving , so it would just be for a cosmetic change . I just did a sample try in a shop near sharjah * (pic below but that was 20"). I have no idea about Tyre sizes or alignment and stuff like that. Kindly give some advice on this . Thanks :)
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