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  1. @Gaurav i am afraid i cant attend today unfortunately. Relatives came from abroad so have to spend Friday with them. Hope to see you all guys again soon! I have withdrawn from the event. Sorry for lat min notice.
  2. Hello gents! I might join as well, still dont know if will go for noon drive or will attend this am drive. I got a JK sport, as a desert car, so kept Y62 for roads only. Enjoying the smooth ride now, completely different experience)
  3. Thank you @Gaurav and supporting Marshals, i really enjoyed the ride. It was completely new experience to drive at night, but due to excellent leading skills and support of entire team, all went smooth! Looking forward to drive with you all! Eid Mubarak!
  4. Adel Muradov

    Adel Muradov

  5. Hi @Gaurav, this time I am going (Hopefully nothing will come out last min, like last time). I am not an absolute newbie, I am fewbie in another group. BUT I never went to desert at night, will do my best though to catch up with you guys.
  6. Thank you Gents! Very useful and interesting information! @desertdude I am eager to learn, in order to be strong enought to tackle higher dunes. I am also sure Patrol can show outstanding results, specially the V8 one. It is juts difficult to balance its weight and power, and I am in continuous trials to find that golden middle. Also have to fight my fear to be flipped at higher dunes. I know that I still do not fill my car 100%, but with each drive I "open" the car a. bit . @Gaurav Yes agree, the patrol specially platinum one become too fancy, and more a car fro the city and light (safari type) offroading, but not extreme level. I have 20 inch seems, that m are Offroaders more difficult. Probably the Y62 LE, with smaller seems, and less electronics is ore suitable for offroad. I am seriously thinking of buying FJ or Jeep specially for desert driver, and leave patrol for the city roads. By the way, the Marshal on FJ told me that Y61 VTEC, the new one, will not be able as well to manage the speed of FJ on dunes. And in the club I am now, I am the only one person on patrol, there is no one else on Y61 or 62, all are either jeepers or FJ, sometimes Nissan Xterra and Prado. For now, I will try to do my level best to learn more, I think if I manage to drive a heavy Patrol, the FJ or Jeep will be much easier to handle later on.
  7. Hello Everyone! Related to the topic question. I am driving Nissan patrol platinum Y62. I am still newbie/fewbie level, so far i am ok,but i can feel that car is heavy, hence kind of difficult to handle if i am tackling the dune. Yesterday i went as a passenger on the drive, which was an inter/advance level, i was with the marshal in his FJ. He did, as i though before impossible things,climbing high dunes, riding on the bale (ridge), reaching the pick of dune and overtaking it. Crazy stuff! The guy has long time experience though. So i was wondering, can patrol do the same, considering its weight? Or this kind of extreme drive is only for Jeeps and FJs, and patrol for more relaxing, safari type of driving? Thank you in advance!
  8. Oh really would love to join next time. Hope there will be upcoming drives on the weekend
  9. Hi @Gaurav i am very sorry for a short notice, something pop up suddenly, i will have to miss the ride this time. Hope very much i can join in nearest future. Sorry again
  10. Hello Gents, Have a question: i have an experience of driving in desert only during the day, have total of 5 trips with Another Club, have flag, extra light for night drives installed, and aluminium short bumper. Driving Nissan Patrol Platinum Y62. Would you recommend me to come for a night drive? I have never driven at night before.
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