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  1. Hello all, I just got the chance to look at the forum and see the news with all your comments. They all made me get a big smile on my face. First of all, thank you for all the great wishes. But most importantly thank you for your support, feedback and guidance. I really feel that I am continuously learning in a family-like environment and I am really enjoying it. I also appreciate your recognition of my growth and efforts. You guys make me feel like I am welcomed in the Carnity family. If I start tagging people, the list would go forever, so I will just say special thanks to all the marshals, crew and all the regulars. Cheers, Mert
  2. I am looking forward to it! I will bring Divya along as my co-pilot! @Thomas J, welcome mate! @Gaurav, there will be a lot of sand throwing! Cheers!
  3. I’m back after my short disappearance! I look forward to see you all on Friday! 🤘
  4. They did not keep a safe distance between two cars. Basically the second car entered the dune before the first one clears. I think the whole incident is tied to it; after the first car got stuck, second car did not have time and distance to slowdown and avoid the accident.
  5. Anybody bringing their wives/ girlfriends? I have a pending request from mine 😁.
  6. I will have the first stab at it. Is it because of accelerating uncontrollably and too much steering?
  7. It was a really good experience. You guys helped us a lot to grow confidence by pacing the ride so well. I look forward to joining the next rides. I tried to upload a small clip on the gallery, however the file size was bigger than the 50mb limit. I am sharing its youtube link below. Just a small 30 second edit from yesterdays ride. Hope you guys like it
  8. Hi Gaurav, I drive a 2011 Land Rover Discovery 4, recently gone through full maintenance. I also ust upgraded my road tires to Cooper LTZs for better traction and installed a 2.5 inch lift kit. I do have some desert driving and rock crawling experience. I have been on the sand 2-3 times since I moved to Dubai in June. I will take the plastic covers off before our ride on Friday to make sure that front and back hooks are easy to reach. I will complete all the required gear in upcoming weeks before the start of my 10 day Oman trip on 25th of October. So for the next drives, I will have all of them. Cheers
  9. I am looking something similar too but I could not find it. I think the only way to have something like that is to find a person who can cut and weld stuff. Since I was able to find something like that I came up with another idea for the flag. I bought a suction cup (attached) and I duck taped my flag to the suction cup. I have not tested it yet but it looks pretty rugged. We will see it on Friday
  10. I'm bringing my own shovel and offroad flag. But I have not gotten my radio and air compressor yet, I will need some help with those. I'm glad that you are bringing them. See you there at 5 am
  11. Hi all, I'm coming on Friday too. Do we have to bring anything technical with us? (e.g. air compressor, radio)
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