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Summer Off-road Adventures

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  1. Had a fantastic exploration drive...had fun learning and met new friends..thankyou all.. Sharing few pics from the drive...
  2. Anybody has plans to reach tomorrow night at the meeting point...as I could join ..abiding covid protocols can camp in safe distance..😊
  3. Thankyou all enjoyed every bit of my first fewbie drive. Special thanks to Asif and Vanessa for all the tips, Learned a lot during the drive. Also I am here with sharing some shots taken during the drive. Looking forward for drone footage done by Tamas and thanks for bringing the drone, waiting to see it in different dimension. Thankyou all @Kailas @Tamas Hoffmann @Anoop joseph @Mus_hus78 @Jeandre Bezuidenhout @Goutam InShot_20201219_115128388.mp4
  4. I am participating in newbie drive and desert camping with family after the drive. let me know if can coordinate in the group and camp near by areas just to avoid getting struck.
  5. Enjoyed the [email protected] we should name that dune we had bashed towards the end of the drive..that was adrenalin rush for the newbie drive..
  6. As driving back again from LIwa to Abu dhabi on the same day after the drive is tiresome, How about staying back. As hotels are fully booked Is it ok if I come with family and camp in desert for a night and come back very next day. Just a thought and request opinions as I am doing my first drive in Liwa.
  7. Hi all Can anybody suggest a good option for a stay back in Liwa after the drive.
  8. Hi I drive a pajero LWB 3.8 2014 with tow hooks in front and rear. I had driven two times in desert.
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