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  1. @Vanessa8580 thanks for the drive 👍 i like the starting high-dunes and ending technical track. So good that I went for 2nd round today... and found my rear bumper! Sands have changed formation that every week in Sweihan will be a different track, see you next time here 😁 Thanks to @Looper for recording the track (since I came late I forgot to hit Gaia record myself 😂)
  2. In case one cannot find a 2010+ model for Dual VVTi , for 7000dhs you can get original Toyota Racing Development superchargers that are available for Single VVTi... then the Single VVTi will beat both HP and Torque of the Dual VVTi 😄 I've seen it reaches 580hp for 1GR-FE Single VVTi on Supercharger 🔥 Food for thought for the Prado owners here...
  3. i have 2 statements to make: 1. The drive was excellent today, there were no deadly steps to avoid, so I didn't lose anything today and my front bumper was intact 😁 Well done Marshal @Srikumar 🫡 (salute emoji) 2. For some good reason, instead of popping-out, my BeadGrip wheels and wide tires tend to "lose air" when badly impacted from the sidewalls, resulting in 6psi and needed some air for driving safely. If it was not for @Vaibhav's on-board compressor, the drive would be further delayed as I have to take out my bulky compressor, attach wires, etc. Thanks bro 👍🏻 These statements are made from my own accord, without any coercion or endorsement from anyone 😂 Too bad I didn't have to tug anyone with the LC, but that's also a testament of how good everyone drives in the convoy today 👍🏻 well done everyone 👏🏻 Mr @Waqas Parvez i hope you made it on time and didn't start a World War 3 🙏🏻
  4. i'm putting ahead apologies & heads-up since I came late today for Vanessa's drive due to fog 😅 So for those who don't know, if there's Fog, all Abu Dhabi cameras that are online are automatically set to 80 km/h. This means there's no use driving 120 through the fog as you risk both fines and accidents... but i'll try to leave 3hours earlier 😂
  5. probably the same ones for hydraulic jack, rubber stops to get extra height:
  6. the LC will not make the mistake of Y62 by giving way to passing cars and fell into a ditch due to its heaviness 😂
  7. Thank you @Srikumar, on my 62nd drive with my Y62 I got my 1st pop-out 😂 Definitely need to keep distance from you next time to avoid hearing "Exit exit" when i'm already in the pocket 🙈 It was a small friendly convoy, I can't imagine sharing 8-slices of Parathas with 10-people-convoy 😅. This photo below sums up the Drive Excitement: Good driving with you guys @GauravSoni @MMansoor
  8. something wrong here, why only 3 people registered? must be scared of losing pulleys in the middle of night, these guys... cc @Mus_hus78 🔥
  9. love the spirit 👍 see you in the sand bro , PS insert "careless" before the word senior for me 😁
  10. Support to the rescue! Slyfully inserting into the CF position 👍😁
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