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  1. @Gaurav @Frederic @Rahimdad Very well organized!! This was my second drive and already feel like I’m addicted ; ) Thank you. To all, Be safe and be well until we meet again. Best, Denver
  2. Morning all, We are on the way. be careful on the roads due to the fog. Cheers
  3. @Xaf Thanks a lot. Found it on google. shall have all my gear for the next trip as can’t it today. Cheers,
  4. @Frederic Thank you very much and see ya on Friday 👊🏼
  5. Hi guys, I was meant to go to dragon mart to buy my radio, flag and air compressor. Due to the virus, my wife and mates insist I should avoid going to dragon mart( I know is sad but better safe than sorry). Is it okay if I could borrow a radio this time please? Thank you, Denver
  6. Hi mate, thanks for letting me know. Trying to take it down. But unable to! Tried the settings option as well. Thanks, Denver
  7. Hi All, Thank you for the info. Very helpful. Just to let you know I am a newbie, hence do not have the above mentioned (air compressor, radio, flag, etc). Look forward to our meeting tomorrow and gain a lot of experience and knowledge. Cheers, Denver
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