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  1. Yes the fan works on variable speed (High speed on cold start then slows down ). In that case I believe the issue is with the sensor. I've checked this and fuel cap does not lock itself. Thank you @Gaurav and @Barry for your advices.
  2. Hello everyone, I bought and Japan spec 2003 Trailblazer with 4,2 V6 engine recently. Yesterday check engine light turned on. In Autopro they checked with computer and diagnosed with P0440 and P1481 codes. Is it something to worry about or expensive to fix? I checked on the web, it seems these codes are common for these models but still don't know if it is expensive or not. Can anyone guide me?
  3. Denizzalbayrak


  4. Special thanks to @Frederic, @Javier M, @Wrangeldand @Jeepie for their instructions and help in my refusal. Koleos is still in one piece and getting washed now Coming down from the Fossil Rock was amazing! It is getting more exciting and more challenging every week which is good. See you all next week!
  5. Hi guys, In case something urgent won't show up, Koleos will be there too. 😀
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