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  1. I saw it when I was checking Pajero models. I thought I should share it with you
  2. Thank you for your advices @Barry, @Rahimdad and @Wrangeld. Seasonal tyres are also a common practice in Turkey, I had a few experiences to know that winter tyres are crucial on minus degrees. One more question, of course it will differ from car to car but do cars get abused by users or climate like in the UAE. Should I be avoiding getting an old car? Would it be a high risk to get a 2010 model car or 100k miles? @Gaurav and @Frederic what do you think about this one? 😃 https://www.autouncle.co.uk/en-gb/d/9546736-used-mitsubishi-pajero-evolution
  3. Dear Carnity Members, After 3 years in Dubai and relatively short desert experience, I will be moving to the UK next year. Being bitten by the offroad bug in desert, I think I will be looking for an 4x4 or AWD car there too. I think mostly I will do cross country trips with little bit off the tarmac or overlanding trips at most. Things that I can do with one car. Also I will be living in London therfore, it will be a weekend car. During the week, "Mind the gap" I would be happy if I can get some advices from the people who has an experience on this issue. Perhaps @Wrangeld, @Barry... I don't know what should I look for when purchasing a car in the UK. Are there any musts &mustn't? And what kind of chronical problems do cars get mostly? Insurance, petrol consumption and tax are also a case...I don't want to do a similar mistake like I did with Trailblazer 😕 I did some research and I came up with below options under GBP8000 budget. AWD 2010-2012 Subaru XV 2008-2011 Subaru Outback 2012-2014 VW Tuareg 2010 Audi A4 Allroad 4X4 2008-2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara 2008 - 2012 Nissan Pathfinder 2008 - 2010 Mitsubishi Pajero (Shogun) LR 3 Discovery 2008 - 2010 Mercedes M Class
  4. Seat Belt, Seat Belt, Seat Belt... This was the scariest video I've seen in this topic.
  5. My 2003 Trailblazer had the same issue even after changing the transfercase. It wasn't engaging 4Lo so they did a system reboot or update I don't know which one was it and it all sorted out.
  6. Hi @Islam Hassan I bought receiver and pin from Ace. Hitch receiver is Bush Ranger and the pin is Reese. Just check your hitch size before you go to Ace to make sure you buy the right size. As far as I know there are 2 different size only.
  7. This is what happens if you enter the desert directly from Sheikh Zayed Road
  8. I don't know have that much of knowledge of engines and mechanical stuff but from a design point of view they are all amazing! I'm speechless about Bronco 2-door and 4-door I think having a civilized version of Bronco which is Bronco sport is brilliant! It's a good product placement. So Ford is not only targeting heavy off-roaders but also people like offroad enthusiasts or cross country people or mall crawlers (The same way of using LR4). Yet it is still a Bronco. It may sell a lot in Europe. But my heart is with 2-door Bronco.
  9. It was my first drive in as sweeper. Even though there was a responsibility on my shoulder, I enjoyed even more then usual drives. I guess responsibility made an positive impact on enjoyment. I had the chance to compare between my old drives which I attended as a regular driver and this one with as a sweeper, I realized how much effort and energy are being spent on organizing these drives. So once again thanks to all marshalls and senior drivers!! Thank you @Ale Vallecchi, for considering me as sweeper and thanks @Vanessa8580 for your help. I hope I've provided what is expected from me. Route was amazing it felt like two different drives combined together. First half was tough and challenging, second half was technical and fun. Lastly, I feel like in 10 years time there will be no desert in UAE, those plants! They are getting more & more every day. It's good for climate change but bad for sand surfers Hope to see everyone next week!
  10. Hi @Emmanuel something urgent showed up. Unfortunately I will not make it today. Sorry for last minute change.
  11. It might be some sort of natural selection for drivers, whoever bad, normal or average dies. Great drivers live.
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