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  1. Hi @Emmanuel something urgent showed up. Unfortunately I will not make it today. Sorry for last minute change.
  2. It might be some sort of natural selection for drivers, whoever bad, normal or average dies. Great drivers live.
  3. I was the wake up caller for my friends when I was in university. I wake up with the first note of alarm. If someone had an exam the next day, usually in Turkey students work hardest on the pre-exam night (To cover up the days of drinking)... They were calling me to set up an alarm clock and wake them up. Some heavy sleepers even were staying at my apartment so that I can use physical force in case of emergency I can do long calls to wake up if someone needs
  4. I got my tiny lightbar installed. I am ready for darkness. It looks like an Inspector mustache though 😄😄
  5. Citroen Saxo's name is very unfortunate btw it has terrible meaning in Turkish slang. I'm not sure if I can share it on this platform
  6. Yes I know @Rahimdad. Thank you for the warning. But do I need to cover them even though they are off?
  7. Very true. It is not suitable for desert. But before Koleos, I never thought of driving off-tarmac. When I got it, I started to think of driving offroad. Soon after I got beaten by the offroad bug. On the other hand, driving it on sand was a great challenge and I was giving my %100 at all time to cover up the absence of a proper 4x4 system and existence of electronics! When I switched to Trailblazer, it felt relatively easier. I believe starting with Koleos gave me an important experience because of the challenge.
  8. @Rahimdad Koleos is the foundation of my interest in this sport and it started the very same day that @Gaurav came all the way to pull me with his winch. 😂
  9. I drive a 2018 Koleos in my daily drive which is basically a Nissan X-trail with CVT. It has been done 62.000km so far and I didn't have any issue with the transmission even though I pushed it several times in desert. But again I hear so many CVT problems from around. It looks like a big gamble for that kind of long run.
  10. Just out of curiosity, is there any page that shows our drive counts? I totally lost my count.
  11. Thank you @Frederic I will have a look at it. @Febin Frederic headlights of my car are not so good. I need an extra source of light for an appropriate visibility.
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