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  1. Hi @Gaurav unfortunately i missed the drive this morning, would it be possible to join this drive as i see the rsvp limit has not reached? cheers
  2. Awesome Pic, what a fun drive that was. looking forward to join you guys in the intermediate drives.
  3. Hopefully both at some point haha until i get some modifications on the RAM it will definitely be the Jeep👍
  4. This is Fantastic, Thank you to all the senior members for your guidance and assistance @Gaurav @Rahimdad @Srikumar @Frederic Looking forward to all the new adventures to come along with the all learning curves. This has truly been only a pleasure! Cheers! Thanks @Wrangeld much appreciated.
  5. Awesome drive guys, great lessons learnt as the sand heated up and new skills tested and we even saw a Pajero fly @Mehmet Volga! Thanks @Rahimdad for the great lead and awesome momentum which is always enjoyable. thanks to @Brette for helping me out when i got crested with my truck. Looking forward to the next drive this coming weekend!
  6. @Rahimdad That sound fantastic! Im always up for the challenge think it will be alot of fun!
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