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  1. @Frederic finally im bringing the RAM, after last weeks performance in Al Qudra i am Super excited about my truck its a dream to drive. @Cara Jordan will be joining with the her Wrangler as well. we cant wait.
  2. i could swear I clicked going my profile picture was even in the going group underneath it. anyway, is there a chance i can still join?
  3. Colin Jordan

    Colin Jordan

  4. Hi @Gaurav. I confirmed for the drive on Monday but it seems my name is not on the "going" list anymore and i cant join as the limit is reached? please let me know why this has happened as i definitely confirmed for the afternoon drive. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi @Gaurav, Just wanted to let you know im taking my RAM1500 out this weekend instead of the wife's Wrangler. Im getting front and rear recovery points fabricated this week. Very excited and Looking forward to my trucks first time in the desert!!
  6. Thanks guys and happy belated womens day to all the ladies! Please officially welcome @Cara Jordan to the club 😁😁
  7. ok perfect, thank you so much. will definitely take it out and see how it goes.
  8. @Rahimdad I was referring to a bumper like in the photo with the white RAM will this be better? and will it pass RTA?
  9. @Gaurav They were terrible haha but luckily I changed recently to the Cooper AT3's which are amazing in my opinion. As my the offroad bug has bitten both myself and my wife we will be using both cars. @Rahimdad Thanks for the advice I will definitely take it out on a few drives first. one more qeustion is there anyvother place that can fabricate front tow hooks other than Titan performance?
  10. Hi Guys, Just a few quick questions here. Apart from my wife's Jeep which Ive been out with, I own a 2016 RAM 1500 SLT (with no standard front tow hooks), now i know for a fact i will rip off my front bumper within the first 10 mins of driving in the desert any tips regarding that will be much appreciated. Anyway so i just wanted to ask if its worth it to lift/level it (2 or 3 inches) ? Obviously the leveling kit is much cheaper and will suit my pocket better at the moment, will this be ok or does it cause complications/issues later on or should i rather just save up for a lift kit? and do you recommend putting on an offroad steel front bumper for more clearance? and if yes. is this a problem with the RTA if the car goes for testing? Thanks in advance guys!
  11. 😁😁😁😁 This is the best news to finish off the weekend!! Thanks guys really enjoying the club and cant wait for all the new adventures!! 🤙
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