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  1. Awesome drive guys had so much fun and learnt so much. Thanks to @Frederic and our entire convoy. Cant wait for the next drive
  2. ok cool, ill see if i can get tow hooks today, if not ill just take the jeep. cheers thanks for the help
  3. So there is a picture, my this model did not come out with stock front hooks. so im not too sure if there is a hidden tow point or not?
  4. Fantastic! just one more question i cant seem to find a tow hook on the front of the RAM will this be an issue?
  5. Hi Guys, a quick question will my RAM1500 which is stock standard be fine for the drive on friday? or should i rather bring my Jeep wrangler JK? (although i always wanted to try my truck in the desert)
  6. Hi Guys, Colin here, im brand new to the group and will be joining on Friday. I have a stock Jeep Wrangler and everything is in working condition. looking forward to the trip
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