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  1. @Foxtrot Oscar Great achievement, the weekly effort you've put in now paid off and you are now a certified shoveler.... hoping to see you do more and more recoveries helping everyone out!! See you soon!!
  2. @Colin Jordan Well deserved! The continuous push to develop yourself further has paid off! The last stuck I had I really needed your help and we got out safely! Here is a pic of the cars up on Faya!
  3. @Ale Vallecchi, a very well deserved promotion! The hard work, sometimes re-routing to ensure a safer route and learning about the calm approach when others are having a refusal or a stuck really help! I learned loads from you, including a lot of amazing italian words increasing my vocabulary during one of the pop-outs Keep up the great planning, and looking forward to a lot more drives!!
  4. Hi @Frederic, I unfortunately already used the rope more than I figured I needed it yet, it's got great strength which will help us in any potential recoveries tomorrow! I even have half the rope colored green because my radiator coolant leaked from the can in the trunk as an extra effect! Looking forward to a nice and hot drive! Welcome @AviG and nice to see you on your first drive! Your Prado will probably easily take you through this nice light colored sand terrain!
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