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  1. Hi @Gaurav, I see the drive is still booked for this Friday, is this still happening within the current situation? Really need some time outside!
  2. Happy birthday @Rahimdad, may this situation not let you down but make you stronger! See you at the next drive!
  3. Hi @sheri, Got both the front and back (pics in the below topic) done at the Radical shop in Rhas al Khor Back was about 450 Front around 1300
  4. Hi @asifk, I have a LWB as well, for the first drives just the rear bumper fix as @Frederic mentioned in the above thread will do the trick. I've just done a lift, bumper trim & bashplate in the front (see pics) to give it a bit more approach & departure angle on the trickier rides. Started out with the un-painted bashplate but in the end had that one painted black as well to make it look nicer!
  5. Hi @Rahimdad, Your friend still has the rope & shackles kit? I'd like to have it for the next trip! (if next week is going to work )
  6. In my case I wouldn’t think so but if you want to be sure you can easily unbolt the rear part with the 4 bolts you can see on the picture before you go into the dealership!
  7. Hi Fred, I think it's an over-eager co-pilot, who mentioned the details in the road (poles) and uses "erûp" in a sense of getting the driver to hit the pedal even further to the metal... in combination with the tightness of the curve expressed in a non-understandable language...
  8. Looks good let’s see how it holds the next couple of drives... but on the “cost nothing” part, you always have metal plates lying around at home?
  9. UPDATE: added detailed picture of how the plate is attached to the chassis Hi Frederic, the fix I have is mounted also on the frame made of 10mm aluminium at Radical in Rhas al Khor --> fix cost me 30 minutes to install (by them) and they have the metal ready to install if you call upfront --> Total cost was around 450 dhs As you can see the metal is completely curved to fit directly onto the chassis and will provide the bumper a sliding ability once the car going down a steep hill comes to the bottom
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