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  1. Hi @RaYan E, You can add multi turbo’s or manifold changes to a pajero to give it more power however I’ve noticed a stock 3.5 gets to 99,5% of the locations in the sand of UAE if you use technique and sand reading. Use bowls to climb the bigger dunes as they can be used to keep the momentum, but also try to keep the weight in the car down, if you have a third row remove it as the 35kg makes a difference being behind the rear axle
  2. @Najeeb Mohammed, spoke today about the power cuts you had with @Xaf he mentioned there are some recalls for Toyota fuel pumps, check your VIN here to see if there might be something; https://www.toyota.ae/recall/
  3. If you keep the sand inside it causes vibration at higher speeds, and causes imbalance of the tyres very annoying if you have to drive back to Dubai! Happy to see you got them cleaned! Badayer tyre shops are luckily quick and cheap! Make sure they also balance them after cleaning as sometimes they try to be really “quick”
  4. Morning guys & girl, What a great drive this morning starting with a nice high pace and some bowls, and the team effort on the pop outs to get going quickly again! thanks all of you for joining, and hopefully see you soon again!! @Chaitanya D I’ve added a pic where you’ve shown great patience and teamwork ensuring the other drivers where able to catch up with the convoy again!!
  5. @Emmanuel, the difference in the apps is due to the time in yours stopping when stopping the car... also my gps is based on start and hitting stop not just the actual drive time!
  6. Great drive all! And was really impressed for @Kalahari his first piece of leading!!I’ve attached the gps track for the day! https://www.dropbox.com/s/q8xgk8qnily9sqo/Intermediate_Carnity_.gpx?dl=0 P.s sorry for the holdup, my co-driver had a blast (he’s Saudi so this will haunt him forever )
  7. @h1fny, congrats well deserved! They don’t get stuck indeed although I have videos of how to do it IMG_3172.MOV
  8. @Gaurav, I was pretty sure it’s the transmission oil cooler in Gen 4, that doesn’t have an engine oil cooler that I know of...
  9. That heavily depends on the quality of the fans you are using... but think around 700 incl brackets and fans
  10. Hi @Lisa Pemberton, Great stuff driving Pajero! To add onto the above mentions which are very good I found that the inlet of the air intake has a water drain which in the uae case also gets blocked with sand. And the easy removal is taking the rubber bottom off and rinsing it with a garden hose to take out all the sand (see the picture)
  11. Congrats @Melenany, driving that F-150 isn’t always easy with trip leads wanting to cross straight but you’ve shown it can easily been done with a long wheel base! Looking forward to seeing you on the other trips!
  12. Congrats @Chaitanya D, a great show of support last week coaching brought you here in combination with the hard learning school of buying a special off-road car!! See you on the next drive!!
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