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Summer Off-road Adventures

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  1. @Asif Hussain Sorry for the late reply. I read and agreed. looking forward to see you guys. Till Friday
  2. @Gaurav At 0700 sharp from Abu Dhabi is quite difficult these days. Is 20 min late an issue? If so I don’t want to hold you guys down greets remco
  3. Understandable but nevertheless a pity. Was really looking forward to improve my desert driving skills. Hope to see you all safe and soon in de Sands.
  4. It was a damn good ride. I really enjoyed spending the whole morning with you guys playing in the desert. I knew it was nice, but now I am even more enthusiastic. Thanks to you all. I will definitely join more often.
  5. Remco Snoek

    Remco Snoek

  6. @Srikumar Many thanks for your welcome, herewith the details: i drive a Toyota fortuner which have front and rear towing points I did the desert driving course as well as I drove a few times offroad Greet Remco
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