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  1. Thank you Angela @Foxtrot Oscar for letting us out of the drive on time and apologies to all for delaying the convoy. My co-passenger took time till evening to settle as she gets motion sick on such tracks. All fine and see you soon again in the next drives.
  2. Hey @Frederic interesting response to the drive and thread. Sorry, I wasnt sure untill today and would like to also request to put me in the waitlist in any of the convoy. Looking forward to more last minute cancellations 🤣
  3. Hi Angela @Foxtrot Oscar due to some urgent commitment i will not be able to attend the drive . Hope my place can be taken by someone. Have a great drive everyone ,surely gonna be fun .
  4. Thank you Angela @Foxtrot Oscar for another exciting drive . Looking forward to more adventure . Pleasure to drive with you all . Well done everyone!
  5. Thank you @Foxtrot Oscar for the wonderful drive and you are such a motivational leader i must say while constantly taking our feedbacks during the drive. So far my best drive with Carnity. Happy to meet all the fellow drivers . Well done everyone!
  6. Hello @Gaurav bhai my plan is not confirmed yet so i decided to leave my place for someone else . Wishing all a very Happy New Year in Advance .
  7. Thank you @Frederic @Wrangeld for the wonderful drive and special one to @Lorenzo Candelpergher who had a good workout for all the recoveries. Posted some pictures in the Gallery
  8. Hello everyone ! I started from Dubai at 2 pm today and it took me aprx. 50 Mins to cross Ghantoot when i already had my test done yesterday. Now i am staying in Millennium Central Mafraq Hotel, Abu Dhabi and Shall start at 5 am to reach at the meeting spot after filling the tank . If anyone else staying here please reach out . See you all tomorrow !
  9. Dear @Frederic even after reading all the instructions i confirm my participation for the drive .Looking forward !
  10. Hi @Frederic kindly let us know the waitlist status of this drive .
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