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  1. @FredericThank you so much for leading the team, it was full of joy and pleasant being member of the the team last week. and thank you everyone being on-time
  2. Congratulations @Veedooshee for reaching the Fewbie Level
  3. I do the same, @GauravThanks, I have 5 pcs spare as a backup but i never lose it. it is easy and really fast.
  4. In addition, in order to have the best video for future trips, Please kindly share your photos or videos with me by WhatsApp. 00971523918064 off course, for taking any photo and video you need to comply with Carnity safety regulations and rules all the time. thanks
  5. @Rahimdad and @Wrangeld Thank you so much for your great effort on Friday. it was truly challenging trip and full of technical points and learning. I enjoined a lot and now I am full of energy for the rest of week As usual, here is the short video of our amazing trip. Off_road_trip_24th_of_July_2020.mp4
  6. @luwaimn, Thank you for the feedback, unfortunately this group was not from Carnity group but i think i captured really good photo. however, I have also video of this moment. Video 2020-07-18 at 2.28.52 PM.mp4
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