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  1. Hi fellow drivers, @Rahimdad, strange noise is coming form my car bonnet... possibly an engine support got loose, but it might be a resilient mount cracked - not sure yet till I have car back which will hopefully be Saturday, so I have to opt out from this WE drives 🤕😭. Enjoy the drive and see you next time, take loads of pictures!
  2. Great drive, really enjoyed each and every moment of it! The troop started on time following @Fredericpath on rather hard sand. The drive unwinded over tracks, small dunes, camel crossings (many... I wonder what they think seeing these strange humans moving around the desert inside these metal boxes with wheels!) and some little stretches of tarmac to connect different legs of the drive. The drive moved on smoothly, little refusals here and there and apparently the quickest pop out fix of carnity history and here we were under the shade of some trees for the lunch break. After, the scenery cha
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