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  1. Grande! Complimenti, looking forward to meeting you soon on the sand... AC Fiorentina flag for everyone in your drives from now on to celebrate 😂😂!!!
  2. Nice drive around Fossil Rock yesterday, great fun and every drive has something to teach. The drive progressed smoothly thanks to @Gaurav and @J J as second lead, with very interesting straight ups straigh downs on pretty steep dunes. Sand in the beginning was not too soft and actually felt firmer than I expected. Convoy with @Veedooshee, @Leo Francis, @Carlos Fernandez proceeded smoothly to the base of Fossil Rock, where I got stuck while climbing up. I am not sure why, car did not get the power even at full throttle, same happened to me once at Pink Rock with revs going down despite me accelerating full throttle. Also in that case heat gauge was slightly higher than normal, not in the critical area, but some 25% above usual "Sheikh Zayed road reading": could the engine cut a bit of power if temperature increases beyond a given limit? What do experts think? Anyway, I managed to come out from the refusal myself, following the suggestions @Rahimdad gave me on my very first drive, steer left and right, a bit of throttle, low gear and very important "sometimes is easier to get unstuck going backwards"... you never think about this as you naturally "look forward", but sometimes a step back is more helpful than trying to move ahead with no results! Out of that, though, I got into a pretty nasty spot slightly off the track, with very soft sand and a little dune just behind me. Car overheated seriously, so @Gaurav suggested to stop for some minutes and helped me cooling it down with water. When temperature went down to normal, I managed to get out from the situation and climb up Fossil Rock successfully. The final part of the drive was quite interesting, taking us to the end following the suggestions of @J J and @Gaurav guiding us down the slope. Overall a very enjoyable drive, always something to learn out in the desert, this time a very basic lesson for me... 3 liters of water might not be enough, especially if you need some to cool down an overheated engine! Next time, a part from drinking water, I will make sure to take some for "engine use"! Thanks to the above mentioned drivers and to @Gaurav for having led the troop! Good luck to @Shamil to get his car fixed soon. Pictures as usual in the drive gallery.
  3. @Gaurav just to let you know I will not be released from work before 15:30, so unless things change I won't be able to reach meeting point in time☹️. Sorry, but unfortunately out of my control!
  4. Sorry, I step back, did not note this is a fewbie drive, not a newbie one. Enjoy and see you next time!
  5. Very good point, it will kill it and likely injure you! Opening the tap releases the high pressure of the circuit, coolant might come out (either in liquid or vapour form) being extremely hot and burn your hand / arm... not very pleasant!
  6. Just to put down some numbers (sorry I am an engineer 🙄) I deflated yesterday morning to 13psi @ about 7am, while I read 15psi for aft tyres and up to 15.5 in the front ones at 10:30 when we got to Al Qudra last exit... Definitely something to bear in mind! Other point, yesterday I found quite a bit of sand stuck on the radiator: this decreases substantially its capacity of dissipating heat. Even if you do not wash your car often (I don't!) some parts might need your attention in hot environment.
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