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  1. My 3 Dirham on this... I removed the spare wheel, drilled two holes on its metal support, bolted on 2 stainless steel eyes, put the wheel back on. I then put the flag pole from the top through the two eyes, friction with the wheel rubber keeps it in place, never had a problem. Total investment 3 AED (1.50 AED / eye+nut). This applies to pre-2007 Pajeros as newer ones have a plastic carter to protect the spare wheel.
  2. First drive after a lot of months, I was curious to see if the summer in Europe made me forgot everything about sand. It was a very pleasant drive to refresh my sand driving, sand was quite firm with some soft spots here and there. Side sloping and some slower but more technical dunes made the drive interesting while we smoothly progressed to the end with very few stucks / refusals. Thanks @Srikumar for leading the convoy, @Vanessa8580 for making sure everything went smoothly in the back end of it and well done to all of the drivers! Some pics here!
  3. Hi @Srikumar I RSVP this drive after 9 am today, can I still join? Please let me know, if not possible I will join a drive next week, no problems!
  4. Hi Richard, no problems, I was not aware of this rule (did not read it carefully enough!). I signed to this as others were full and it's been some months I am not driving on sand. Anyway, enjoy the drive tomorrow and see you next time!
  5. Thank you guys! I am really looking forward to join new exciting drives as soon as I will be back from Europe... for a little while, waves will replace dunes as I will be sailing in the Med, but I am already missing the sand (not the heat though)!
  6. Great drive, amazing reading of convoy level of confidence from @Srikumar. Started easy and lifted the level little by little as drivers confidence increased. Definitely a good and enjoyable newbie drive, some refusals and stucks here and there always happily and efficiently solved with the help of @Srikumar and @sertac. Any stuck and refusal teaches something and they are definitely part of any drive! At the beginning sand seemed to be quite hard with dunes shaped by the wind blowing the couple of days before the drive, while it became softer as the drive progressed. All in all yet another great experience, thank you to all the participants and see you next time! Some pictures and a video here as usual.
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