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  1. Absolutely true, the art of splicing is very interesting, plenty of tutorials around and perfect activity for these stay at home days! I am a sailor and usually enjoy making all my splicing myself. I am a very new offroader, but by heart I think that some of the soft shackles I see around would suffice to lift half of the cars of the convoy! As an example, for the 14000lbs rope breaking load quoted above, a 7mm dyneema shackle would do the job, with a breaking strength just above 6T. To me, the soft shackle should be the weakest link of the chain - it should break before the car hook and before the rope as it is the cheapest and easiest to replace item. There is no point to have a soft shackle stronger than the rope. Same for the stretch, it is already given by the kinetic rope, no need to have a stretchy shackle to absorb the pull shock. Some interesting soft shackle readings here: https://www.balancecommunity.com/blogs/slack-science/a-comparison-of-soft-shackle-methods
  2. Great second drive for us! Despite the COVID distance policy (which I would define in half a car lenght ) the welcoming and helpful attitude of all was great. We started with some hard sand driving (hard due to the evening rain in the area?) to go for some more challenging passages. Hits of the day were a couple of refusals I was very happy to get out from almost by myself and the main lesson learned in the steep climb to pink rock. I started with not enough throttle and moreover in fully automatic gears... midway through the slope the car decided revs were to high compared to what it is used to when we go to buy grocery and shifted to second gear, leaving me with not enough torque to get to the top of the slope. Back to the bottom of the slope, I engaged D1 following @Wrangeld suggestion and started with a bit more confidence, getting to the top of rock with no issues. Thank you @Rahimdad and all of you for the time spent together yesterday, see you next time!
  3. Perfect, see u tomorrow then... Just did not want to wake up at 5 for nothing!!!
  4. Drive confirmed? It looks like it is raining quite a bit in Sharjah at the moment...
  5. Guys, is a licence required to use these radios in the UAE ? I was told this by the shop where I bought it, is that true? Thanks and see you tomorrow!
  6. Great drive and great fun! Thank you all for having welcomed us and for the tips! See you next time!
  7. Homework done! Paolo here, very newbie :-), Pajero SWB... see you tomorrow!
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