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  1. Tried it last week and it was fab!
  2. Wow! That went quickly! Please add me to the waitlist for my first Fewbie drive ! Thanks
  3. Lovely! @asifkand I drove there a few weeks ago. Great views but quite a challenge getting up and down. Well worth it though. Will be amazing in the cooler weather!
  4. Thanks! @Gaurav @Frederic @Tbone @Wrangeld . Looking forward to some more adventure on the dunes!
  5. Great drive! Thank you @Srikumarand @Frederic. I thoroughly enjoyed and felt that not getting towed showed progression on my part 😂 . Glad the 4Lo behaved on my only refusal. Overall great fun and looking forward to the next one !
  6. Joined the MM club! The grunter was a mistake. Looking forward to it!
  7. Dear All - as some of you know , I've been having trouble with my Prado Low4 not engaging. My regular garage has on two occasions said that nothing is wrong and the Low 4 is quite idiosyncratic. It engages sometime and doesn't on other occasions. Not ideal in the desert. I would be grateful if you could advise where I can take it to be fixed or should I just go to Al Futtaim? Much appreciated! Avi
  8. Hi @Srikumar - I thought I managed to add my name to the drive but appears not as per the convoy list. If anyone drops out I would love to join. Thanks. Avi
  9. Apologies Gaurav- I have to pull out of tomorrow’s drive. Hope to join next week. Thanks 🙏
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