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  1. Thank you @Frederic and @Wrangeld for the fantastic drive today. We had a lot of fun and some new learnings. I am looking forward for more drives with you guys. I think everyone in the convoy did a great job. @Jorge Stepniak Felippe, @Rajeevan Vickneswaran, @Mehmet Volga, @George Francis, @Yousef Alimadadi and @marks, great driving guys. And yes, I will fix my flag next time!.
  2. Thanks @Gaurav This came as a surprise. Really enjoyed the drive yesterday with you and @J J . Really a smooth drive and loads of fun with the convoy. Thanks once again.
  3. Hi, I just joined the club and I hope to meet you all soon. I have been offloading for a while, 3 years. I was wondering if I could join the Friday morning newbie drive on 26th June?. I came to know about carnity through JJ and I hope to join you all this Friday. Thanks Leo.
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