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  1. Thanks a lot @Srikumar for a wonderful ride. Yes totally agree that we did a lot of side slopping this time and I guess almost everyone got so comfortable with it by now. It was a great experience to ride as second lead, I had to be so focused because I shouldn’t be judging the challenge in front of me by seeing how seamlessly you pass through it 😀
  2. Hi @Rahimdad thanks. Yes I am very excited to continue the learning and spend lot more time in the desert.
  3. Hi @Srikumar Thank you for your riding tips during our rides.
  4. Hi @Gaurav Woow very happy to see this and I take it as a EID gift today ☺️. Thanks a lot to @Gaurav and @Srikumar for the guidance so far. Look forward to learn and enjoy more with Carnity family.
  5. Hi @Gaurav i prefer the morning drive please. As an alternate option, can you think of a morning drive on Sunday 2nd aug considering holiday and the long waiting list?
  6. Hi @Frederic I won’t be able to make it for this drive. I had a small wrist injury a few days ago and as a precaution don’t want to attempt to risk more strain. You may remove me from the list. The Friday drives were a great motivation these days and I am really going to miss it. Hope to be part of your team anytime soon thank you.
  7. @Srikumar I totally agree with your first statement of waiting for the next Friday, so now I assume that it’s a common feeling among all of us not just me 😀. Yes all members of our team was very good and I feel is the reason for us to have a good flawless 3 hours drive. I really liked one area where you had mentioned to enjoy mor. I think it was just after the rocks, dunes were so good there. @Srikumar this is my second drive with you and I should tell you that your a great leader making us feel safe while enjoy the adventure rides. @Emmanuel you were very helpful when I had the refusal and it was nice to see you always rush to refusal spots from our sides. overall it was a fantastic drive and with just 3 drives with Carnity, I feel good progress in my skills. I would say this drive made me learn more about right acceleration based on the dunes we approach. As you rightly said, I am impatient now to wait till Friday for the next drive 👍🏻👍🏻
  8. Fantastic write up. Yes it was a well organized ride. I have learned a few things such as to be patient when we are idle, steady steering while coming down, keeping the right momentum at all times, and I am glad that I did all by myself first time (deflate, place flag, use of compressor to inflate). Thanks to second lead wrangled (I didn’t catch their names sorry) for guiding me to unpack and use my compressor first time after buying. in short, I believe all of us newbies would have come out of the fear of getting our cars down the dunes and also improved our grip on steering after this ride. I have a feeling that off road rides help us gain more grip and comfort handling our cars when we hit on road too, anyone agrees?
  9. Biju Abdul

    Biju Abdul

  10. @Gaurav yes have all the necessary items needed for off road, bought a kit recently. I have never used the compressor I bought, maybe will try after this drive tomorrow.
  11. Hi @Srikumar Happy to join this club and is excited about the drives to come. Please find my response below 1. Which 4x4 do you drive? - Toyota Fj cruiser. 2. Does your vehicle have front and rear tow points? - Yes. 3. Have you had any prior offroading experience? I had done 2-3 desert drives in the past say 5 years ago. Hi @Srikumar I have recently bought a compressor but never used and doesn’t really know how to. Can I expect some guidance to use it after the drive to inflate? Also is there any shops near to our exit point to inflate in case that’s the option? what is the radio frequency planned for our ride? I have a radio with many channels presets, so I can verify this.
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