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  1. @Frederic thanks a lot for the drive, gotta say I use all the tips you gave to the guys in front of me and apply them in order to climb 😅 but I’m very proud of the outcome 💪🏽 looking forward for the next one! (im always amazed by sheikh Zayed views and that’s exactly how I felt on this drive so it’s the perfect reference 👌🏽)
  2. @Srikumar thanks a lot, your drives are always so much fun, really enjoyed this one, I can’t wait for next week 🚙💨
  3. Hi @Wrangeld unfortunately something came up last minute and I’ll be unable to join tomorrow, please give my place away, hope to meet you soon.
  4. Thank you so much guys, I’m really looking forward to meet the new places and dunes and get to drive with all of you 🤩 So far I have love the drives and places that we have visited, it’s also great to drive with this much variety of people as you can learn different styles and techniques while you continue on the way of finding yours Thanks to the ones that had gave me their advice and I hope to meet the rest of you all soon in the sand
  5. Hi Ajiesh, that it’s usually done by the Leader on the drive, in this case @Srikumar, Sri can you help us to add Ajiesh to the waitlist please? InshAllah we’ll meet there
  6. I just finish my set up with black method wheels and 315/70/17, if I could do something different I would go for method on bronze color those looks beautiful so I recommend you to check it out Another set up that I like it’s the new rubicon wheels with big tires
  7. Hi guys, thank you for this drive, great way to start a day. We had tons of fun at the back and I think it’s safe to say everyone had fun too. @Srikumar always great drives and tracks, thanks 🙏🏽 @Vanessa8580 thank you so much for the tips I cannot wait for the next one to put them in practice, it’s always nice for me to learn as we learn something new on every drive, specially from someone with so much experience 🙏🏽 I’ll add some videos of the back having fun 😍
  8. @Hennie Schoeman same thing happened to me, I don’t know why I read on the post Aug 1 Friday... and I’m standing here 😵
  9. Hi @Frederic I’m not gonna be able to make it this time as something came out at work, I just withdraw my name from the drive, have a good one guys 🚙💨
  10. Hi guys, I’m sorry for the no show, I saw the wrong location I was where the group of 2nd December cafeteria was 😔
  11. Hi @Srikumar hope your doing fine, Jeep Wrangler JK off road experience only at beaches front and back tow points
  12. Edgar


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