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  1. Hi @Frederic, can’t make it to the drive this week. Will be joining the next one. Thanks!
  2. Big Thanks to both @Frederic and @Wrangeld... appreciate the patience! Looking forward to the next drive
  3. Hi @Frederic, thanks! I am driving Jeep GC Upland 2019. I confirm availability of front and rear tow points. Also, the ground clearance is above the minimum requirement (attaching pic for me reference). This will be my first ever off road drive.
  4. Hello @Frederic, I couldn’t make it last week so this will be first time. I wish to start from the beginning, hope that’s ok.
  5. Hi Srikumar, Please check the pics of my car and advise if it is within the minimum ground clearance requirement.
  6. @Srikumar this is going to be my first ever off road drive on my Jeep GC 2019 with front and rear hooks. Could you please let me know if anything else required apart from the ones mentioned in the event link?
  7. Ashy


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