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  1. Thank you @Rahimdad... learning from experts like you and @Brettewas an amazing experience! Thanks again...
  2. Congratulations @Lorenzo Candelpergher... Well deserved..
  3. @Brette, will call you after the drive..I am ok to meet...
  4. Sure @Brette, I have joined the lisaili-hatmah drive lead by Vanessa.
  5. @Brette, sorry I had to pull out of the drive due to an unexpected work. See you on the next drive. Thanks
  6. @Alex Sidorov airbag fuse is designed in such a way that the fuse doesn’t need to be completely removed. It is the big yellow fuse at the bottom left corner, this can pulled off and the fuse stays inside the box. To remove other fuse you can use the yellow color plier at the right side top corner. These fuse can be removed completely and put back, I have not done that so far as I am only pulling of the airbag fuse. yes you can remove lower fascia and can be fitted back again.
  7. @Alex Sidorov very clear explanations and suggestions from @Brette @Rahimdad and @VipinShetty... I made changes to front & back bumpers and installed a skid plate.. it made a big difference in my driving, I was able focus on driving rather than worrying about damages (one less thing to worry about) W.r.t 20” rims... I haven’t got any issues in the initial levels but like seniors suggests I too feel that it will be safe to use 18” as we move up the level. About pulling off airbag fuse. This is very important, please make it a practice to do this before the drive.
  8. Congratulations @Brette... well deserved...
  9. @Chaitanya D, due to health issues I had to pull out of the drive this week. Apologies for the late notice.
  10. @Brette, due to health issues I had to pull out of the drive this week. Apologies for the late notice.
  11. @Chaitanya D could you please add me to waitlist. This is my second drive for the week.
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