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  1. @gaurav My Vehicle details as below: Jeep Wrangler Rubiicon 2door 2018 Model Grey Color No precious offroad experience Front and back tow hooks are fine Regards Suresh Nair
  2. @Frederic Apologies... many things went wrong... No excuses, will make it all right and get my gear straight in time for the next drive. regret the inconvenience caused. Hope to join you soon on a new newbie drive. regards
  3. Oh That is a great help. You have nailed it exactly. In the case, I will be eager to join the drive. Looking forward to 1st Morning. Thank You @Frederic
  4. @Frederic Thank You. The Details you have requested are provided below: 1) Which 4x4 are you driving ? - Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2 Door 2) Any prior offroad experience ? - None 3) Are the vehicle's front and back towpoints in perfect condition ? - Yes However, after I have gone through the pre-requisites for the drive, I have understood that I would not be able to comply at this time and would like to defer my entry. Thank you and hope to join up with the drive with Carnity soon. Regards Suresh Nair
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