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  1. Thank-you @Foxtrot Oscar & @Rahimdad for the wonderful drive. Front seat view of retrieval when a vehicle is crested, ( which is always a risk when you ride a dune) was truly worth it...
  2. Hi @Frederic please add me to your waitlist... Thanks...
  3. Congratulations @Frederic The promotion is well deserved.. Enjoyed the few drives that I had with you on the lead.. and learned from them also.. I am sure many more have gained from your great experience.. Thanks..
  4. Thank-you @Rahimdad .with mentors like you available in the groups, i am sure we can learn a lot
  5. Thank you Team Carnity and @Gaurav Looking forward to learn more and assist more on future drives..
  6. 😊Thank you @Frederic and looking forward to see you in the sands.. Thank you @Wrangeld Thank you @Mohamed Seidam
  7. Thank you for a good drive today @Wrangeld and @Lorenzo Candelpergher Very unfortunate about @Andrei Jeep.. hope the recovery guys have come on time . Thank you rest of the team...👍 See you all soon on the dunes..
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