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  1. As you all mentioned the Catalyst Converter is mainly to absorb the toxic gases from your engine but at the sametime it restrict the airflow of the exhuast so removing it enhance the performance signficantly of the engine due to the better airflow. There are an aftermarket bigger Highflow catalyst converter by 3rd party companies like Magnaflow that enhance the airflow and still env. friendly
  2. @Rahimdad, No one is challenging the rule or its importance at all, we mentioned clearly that non of us object on either the rule or the importance on the wearing the face mask even if i am 100% sure that all of you forgot wearing his mask from time to time inside or outside the drives within the past 6 months. There is a difference between applying the rules and being rude to others, even police in dubai when he fine you he do this with a smile on his face and with full respect for all drivers. We are all adults and we all inforce rules in our line of business and believe me in many cases in much more serious situations than the drives and we still do this with full respect for the people we are dealing with. Please differentiate between the rules and the communciation. Anyway, thanks and wish you all luck in inforcing the rules
  3. @Gaurav Actually you was talking to @Khaled Abdalla as i was wearing my mask but anyway it doesn't matter now, Again, no argument about the rule itself but it is about the way you are communicating it specially when you actually mixing up between members. Unfortunately we can't tolerate this way and to be your show case on how you can firmly apply the rule to set examples for others so we will spare you the hassle to ban us and i assure you we won't join you again to leave you apply the rules the way you like.
  4. I am sorry @Gaurav we respect the club rules within the rides as it is the marshel/clud responsibility and you have the right to define the rules within the ride but after the ride is over we are responsible for ourselves. I understand your club is not lacking candidates so you obviously don't care about losing few members to inforce some rules but anyway i am sure this definitely a better way communicating with others without such threatening tone and writing with RED which is not acceptable at my end so i don't mind leaving the club if this will be the way you treat its members. By the way, it was wearing my mask but this is not the point at all.
  5. I changed the seats clothing on my charger to leather, it cost me 450 AED with a very good quality.
  6. Wael Mounier

    Wael Mounier

  7. Hi, Does anyone know a good workshop that sells and install performance exhuast system for dodge charger?
  8. @Srikumar do you usually have a morning Newbie drive in Qudra or it is only evening. Meanwhile i drove once in the absolute newbie level as last drive my friend @Khaled Abdalla was the one that drove so i think it is better to drive absolute one more time before moving to newbie or what do u think?
  9. Sure Srikumar, i just didn't find a newbies in Quodra this week but let me check again
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