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  1. All set and excited to join your drive for the first time @Brette 👍👍👏👏
  2. Hello guys, good day ahead. Thanks each and every one of you for a wonderful day. It was a good day ( not foggy and not too cold ) to start with and I feel all of us did exceptionally well 😁. Thanks to @sertac for the selection for the selection of the terrains, a combination of some sideys, technical dunes and mild crossing. It was my first drive with @sertac and I personally thank him for the opportunity he provided me to sweep the convoy. It was great to be a part of all the recoveries and pop out fixing etc with @Anand Nataraj and @Mehmet Volga and was very much helpful for me to proceed ahead in my offroad drives. Thank you @Anand Nataraj and @Mehmet Volga. And finally thank you @Ranjan Dasfor your help once again, this time with your compressor at the end of the drive. I believe all of you had a great day offroading and hope to join you guys soon. Thank you all once again and keep cool 😎 👍
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