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  1. Hi all, Thank u @Chaitanya D for a smooth and superb drive. I was a bit late to reach the meeting point and thought would miss the drive, but fortunately had the contract number of @Mukundan Nair and managed to b at the spot at the last minute. Thank you @Ajiesh George Kannankarafor the help in deflation. From the start the drive was superb with some small dunes and later with some technical terrains and at last with some exciting sideys. Enjoyed the drive from start to the end. It was a drive with minimum refusals and stucks and @Desert Dweller and @Anish S cud manage them well. Once again thank you @Chaitanya D for a wonderful and memorable drive and hope to catch up in some upcoming events. Kudos guys , keep cool 👍👏👏
  2. Hi, plz remove me from the waiting list ,I got slot open in @Chaitanya D drive
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