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  1. Hello off-roaders @Junaid120120 @Vinod Damodaran @Markus B @Simon Dawood @Will Seivewright @Mehmet Volga @Michel Van Woudenberg @Tom B @Felix Obst @KAMALIO and @Thomas Varghese. Welcome to the drive 👦. Here is the convoy order for the drive and we will be using carnity channel 1 ( 446006) for our communications. See you
  2. Hi @Tom B @Felix Obst @Michel Van Woudenberg @Thomas Varghese @Vinod Damodaran @Simon Dawood @Junaid120120 @Will Seivewright @Markus B @ASAD...As we have 5 more in the WL plzz confirm your availability and change of plan before finalizing the convoy order. Thank you
  3. Hello..Thank you @M.Seidam for the opportunity to take over your drive and it was a fantastic drive. Every one in the convoy were deflated and ready when I reached the meeting point. After the briefing, we started slowly and cautiously since some changes in the dune formation, which was already informed to me by @Ale Vallecchi and @M.Seidam. After a few minutes of drive we were all set with the nature of the terrain and every one drove to perfection. We had to deal with a couple of stucks and thanks to @Ashok chaturvedi for the tugs and helps in recoveries and for sweeping the convoy to safety
  4. Thank you @Thomas Varghese for the detailed write up.😄👍 What a day guys!!!.perfect....chilling weather, light shower, and an incredible convoy...what more could you want for? After the radio check and briefing, we started 20 minutes late, waiting for the sunrise. We had a surprising member in the convoy, @Ashok chaturvedi, who ended up in the wrong meeting point today, trying to join @Frederic on the Batayah Drive. As we got started, the rain became a little heavier, and we had a mix of terrains...except rock. It was muddy in some spots, incredibly soft on the dunes' top, and hard at some p
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