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Summer Off-road Adventures

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  1. Thank you guys, WHAT A DRIVE..👏👏👏👏. @Lorenzo Candelpergher at the lead and a powerful convoy @varunmehndiratta, @Gaurav Soni, @Lawrence_Chehimi, @Dodi Syahdar.. , lots of side slops, very long ridge rides and few refusals and a pop out...😃😃 WOW...it was real fun guys. Thanks to @Lorenzo Candelpergher @Gaurav Soni, @Dodi Syahdar, @varunmehndiratta for ur help in fixing the pop out and winch recovery. See you soon guys. Take care and stay safe.
  2. Hi buddies, thanks everyone for a super day offroading. Today we had a combo pack where the drive pace and the diversity of the terrains were different throughout the drive. We had superb treats while exploration sort of drive from @Janarthan where we had to manuver through bushy areas and some technical patches . We had a strong and capable convoy ready to take up any challenges and with ease we made it to the other side of the road and from there to area 53. After almost 30 min of drive in area 53 it was @Tbone in the lead with more pace and many more ridge rides and criss crossings. I belie
  3. Hello guys.. it was a pleasure to be a part of this convoy and thank to @Wrangeld for this memorable treat. It was amazing to be in the desert at night , drizzling.,..wow🥰🥰. Thank you Richard. It was really great to be with buddies @Gaurav Soni, @Thomas Varghese, @Islam Soliman, @M.Seidam, @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ, @Ehab and @Shehab Alawadhi 👏👏👏. @bony raphidid very well with ur wrangler and @Nithin Vaidir..cool bro. Did amazing handling your cruiser. @Fabiano Morais had few refusals initially due to high tire pressure but did really good after deflating, did few self recoveries 👏👍👍 but it was
  4. Hello guys, hope everyone had a wonderful drive today. Thanks to @Luca Palanca Falsini for tacking up the task from @Lorenzo Candelpergher and for the selection of the area and terrain. We had very small patches of technical areas where everyone did well and the ridge riding and side slopings were the most relevant part of the drive. Though we had a few refusals and pop outs, everyone (including me 😊 I believe) did really well. Thank you @Dodi Syahdar for your deciplined second lead and you did great managing the beast in the convoy. Thank you @Zed for your support at the time of pop out and
  5. Thank you @Lorenzo Candelpergherfor a challenging and superb drive. It was my first ever drive with you and it was a memorable one. enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you @marksand @Jeepie for your very well executed roles and hope to join you guys soon in the sand. Some pics in the gallery.
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