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  1. Thank you @M.Seidam, it was a pleasure to meet and truly enjoyed the drive and all your insights. It is always a pleasure to drive with great people and friendship mindset, that makes those moments even more special, so thank you! Looking forward to the next session bon weekend to all.
  2. Thank you guys for the support, the precious advises, and the fun you are able to share on weekly basis! Looking forward!
  3. Hi Frederik - I am very sorry to not being able to join this morning, i was really looking forward that ride. I am also sorry for Bertrand who couldn’t attend and come to rescue me, i am immensely grateful for that. I couldn’t tell what went wrong with my google map and why it sent me off, but definitely a learning for me to double check with an additional device from now on. To finish on the positive note, i was lucky to meet an Emirati who managed to sort out the situation in 15 seconds, i have learned big time just watching at him I am looking forward the next session, and this time on the right meeting point Thank you and see you soon Sebb
  4. Hi Sayed, would you be able to share the video about the on/off button?
  5. Hi - Bertrand and I don't have radio. I did order online but not yet received.
  6. Hello - below my details: Car: patrol safari 2021 No off road experience / no masterclass completed Hook confirmed
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