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  1. @Francois Germishuys I think you might be able to get a spot in Pancho's drive if you are interested
  2. @Mikhail Lukichev I will primarily bring Nikon Z6 with 24mm 1.8 Z series. I will try to bring rest of my kit as well which is mostly geared toward Portrait, travel and Street photography consisting mostly of primes and kit lens.
  3. I was having a few refusals that day, normally I do get over such dunes but perhaps because it was my first Intermediate drive as well and was a bit anxious. I hope everything is going to be okay with your FJ @Ahab Shamaa. Thanks for helping me recover that day bro! Thanks a lot to @Emmanuel for the lead and taking us on such a fantastic drive. A big thanks to @Pancho for the guidance and @Kalahari to you as well. A big thanks to @Abu Muhammad, I had you digging sand more than I would ever want to.
  4. Gaia GPS has a free version and that will work for most people now. You only have to create a user ID and can access their website and and the app on multiple phones with the same user id.
  5. @sertac Please put me in the waitlist for now. I will sure come for a weekend full of Shuwaib sand in my Jeep. @Foxtrot Oscar
  6. @Foxtrot Oscar This is my first drive. I sure can not have enough of the drives. I am pretty sure i will get a chance on the other one as well, but if I need to leave that for now and put myself as wait list let me do it now.
  7. I have been driving without the roof since last few drives in my Jeep Wrangler and have a lot of Sand in my car obviously. I have been looking for easier ways to get rid of the Sand from the car. I came across this nifty trick. If you have more ideas please do share.
  8. @Foxtrot Oscar what a drive, being just behind you - I had the most fun and looking forward to many more drives. A big thanks to @Tero Vallas, @Yousef Alimadadi and @Pancho for keeping the flock together and on the trail.
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