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  1. it would be good if you are deflating 20-25 psi - it could cope up. I would advise going for it. go with the crowd - when so many are doing something then it is generally is correct way of doing it. you can have any compressor mounted in the car - even the meanmother or tjm ones as well - but arb twin is most elegant way of doing it.
  2. Congratulations @Glenn Waters on your promotion. You would enjoy the Fewbie level - i am sure.
  3. Congratulations @Gary F - I will be looking forward to driving with you more.
  4. @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler - You know i was looking forward to this right? Welcome aboard the team.
  5. Congratulations @Fabien Monleau on your promotion to Support Team, welcome to the team!
  6. Congratulations @Patrick van der Loo on your promotion to Fewbie+. Enjoy your new level.
  7. Congratulations @Mike M., well done & enjoy your new level.
  8. Today’s set up in Qudra.
  9. It’s a bit strange tho to begin with, system doesn’t allow oneself to be added to manage if the RSVP is full. Not sure how he was able to achieve it.
  10. It was interesting match Belgium vs Canada, we had less hope for the excitement but it turned out to be a nail biter. Coming into the match Belgium were #2 in the rankings, but someone forgot to tell that Canada were #41. They played very aggressive game from the start and I am sure they later apologised for it. Canada kept control of the ball, spending most time in the Belgian side but could not convert, not even the penalty, somehow their rankings did show-up at the end. Well done Belgium at the end.
  11. This one tuning out to be the WC of Asia, of the underdogs. first Saudi beating Argentina and today Japan overcoming 1 goal deficit to beat Germany. Of course it can be too early to say anything. But 🤞it looks promising.
  12. With all the controversies and jubilation of the Middle East’s first world event, FIFA 2022 World Cup bring a lot to talk about to the table. I am setting up off-topic, topic to discuss all things football for this season. Let the game begin.
  13. Congratulation @Joao on your promotion to Fewbie level.
  14. Congratulations @heyns holtzhausen on your promotion, looking forward to driving with you soon.
  15. It was the best pani puri tbh - @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler thanks for the treat buddy, and also for delicious food to go along with it. Great drive with @Kailas and support from @Simon D as well as @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler as well as @Mehmet Volga, @Brette & @Gaurav who lead wonderful drives leading up to the meeting point. I had a lot of fun, laughing all evening with fun anecdotes being shared by all - it was truly a memorable evening. Thanks to everyone who supplied unlimited & great food as well as nice drinks. At the end of the night camped at the spot and had a nice drive back to Al Qudra Petrol Station fresh to start a great Sunday. Thanks Team @Carnity for organising a wonderful event every year.
  16. @Mario Cornejo coming out of 720 bowl
  17. @Chris Wing flying on 100km dune.
  18. @Mario Cornejo in his tallest climb at Y60 Dune
  19. @Imran Kashif showing determination to climb up the Y60 dune.
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