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  1. @Gary F I we have a post on Instagram on 2nd October 2022 that you want to see. it is not allowed on the forum to advertise or recommend businesses.
  2. Every weekend after all your drives are over bring your car to your trusted carwash and have a full wash. The place I go charge AED 45 for full wash + vacuum - they wash the under carriage and engine bay. I don't go to the fuel station anymore - but at the fuel station too if you ask, they will wash the under carriage. But sometimes they end up charging for a special steam wash - either way they cost more. I avoid cleaning the car at home or at malls etc., as they tend to leave swirl marks on the paint (not that all the sand bashing helps - but still) and it is economical for me to go weekly wash. For 200 bucks a month I have a car that I can pass it of as lady driven on any weekday. PS: once I was sold an undercarriage waterproof treatment - anyone else got it? Got it because of my inability to say no. But I am glad I did it because the undercarriage does get drenched every week.
  3. Congratulations @Rashid Alseeni on your promotion - enjoy your new level.
  4. Congratulations @James Lovell on your promotion - enjoy your new level.
  5. Congratulations @MohamedSherif on your promotion - enjoy your new level.
  6. Congratulations @rohit kumar on your promotion - enjoy your new level.
  7. Congratulations @Benjamin on your promotion - enjoy your new level.
  8. Will recommend you check https://www.crutchfield.com/ they normally will have car specific combinations that can choose from. After that you need to get someone dependable to install, depending on availability of the parts here as per your budget. I upgraded my head unit from a 7-inch Jeep OEM to a 10-inch Stinger Off-road and had a person install it for the cheap towards Al Nadha or Al Qusais area, they took a few jabs at it & could finally manage it. It was a difficult install because we don't do such things here in Dubai and you know instructions are for pussies.
  9. It could be a good option for Timelapse or Starburst where you wound need good stable base
  10. Congratulations @fayaz on your promotion. Enjoy your new level
  11. Wonderful advices from all and very informative and will act as a guide. I would add that join some drives and see what others are doing with their cars. You will eventually get all your answers. each of us have our own way of doing things that suit us best, and you can pick and choose what you want to do with yours.
  12. Sand does nothing to jeeps... i don't even have an air dam, which was there only for aerodynamics.
  13. The only issue you will ever face with stock suspension in my opinion is while ridge riding, car will rub the sand on the top of the ridge. In the initial days you will have a few refusals, but as you master it, you will not face any issues nor feel the requirement to upgrade.
  14. My suggestion would be for you to reach till Intermediate Level before you ponder over the subject once again. Guys with long wheelbase Jeeps; when they reach intermediate level - they fall to "not to lift" side of the decision ridge and the short wheelbase guys tend to go for the "lift" side due to its departure angle. At Intermediate level I took the plunge and lifted my Jeep, and it is the most appropriate time for you to decide, as you are well versed in the capabilities of the car as well as suiting your aptitude & driving style.
  15. The X-pert entered the scene. Thanks @Thomas Varghese for your invaluable insights. I rotate all my five tires every 10k with almost clockwork precision - they get cleaned from inside and re-balanced. I do the rearward crossing as depicted in the chart below.
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