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Summer Off-road Adventures

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  1. Thank you @Anish S @Brette @Chris Wing @jodha singh shekhawat and the fellow convoy members for the excellent drive this morning. The route was magnificent and the drive was flawless. Enjoyed it thoroughly , looking forward to more drives.
  2. I have the camel 2 cylinder compressor . It takes me sound 65-70 seconds to inflate from 12-14 psi to 33-35 psi. I have been using it for 6 months and I feel it’s good value for money. I ensure I switch it off each time I move from one wheel to the another to avoid over heating.
  3. Hi Angela , I will have to drop out if this drive. I am removing myself from the RSVP. Sorry for the late update.
  4. Thank you Doc! Thank you @Lakshmi Narasimhan Thank you @Islam Soliman
  5. Thank you @Nabil Bishara , @Islam Soliman and @marks for the excellent drive today. First for starting early anticipating the heat and related issues. After doing a few drives on the red sand at pink rock, qudras white and unused dunes were a welcome treat. I was lucky to be given the opportunity tow and recover a crested car. Each drive gives a new experience and learning. Looking forward to more drives with all of you . The convoy was excellent too.
  6. What an exciting story @Thomas Varghese.Carnity doesn’t just teach us desert driving. I believe we learn a lot of life skills like Leadership, being there for each other , patience and many more. Glad to know that you and your car are back in action. Until we meet on the sand 👋
  7. Off-roading has definitely hit me like a virus which never wants to let go. It has motivated me to sell my 2018 5 series. 🤪 and make me think y do they make sedans anymore. Even the best 911 dot make any sense to me , but the raptors and wranglers lure me to them. Hope this bug remains......
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