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  1. @Frederic SWB 3.8 pajero 2009 gets full tank from reserve light ON in 130 aed which shows a display of 296 km to cover on-road distance BUT while driving in sand on 4H manual 2nd &1st gear it don't shows correct. But in last drive on 4H (manual) i got confuse that why fuel became that much low that reserve light got ON Once came back on road and switch to normal drive 2H back on D then it shows less than quarter and light OFF due to this I started thinking to carry extra fuel but still getting confuse how to carry ? Is it safe to keep filled cane inside the car and dr
  2. Dear @Lorenzo Candelpergher thanks for this amazing drive with lot of learning, I really appreciate the way of your teaching and keeping patience through out even knowing that the convoy order is getting disturb with the reason of Pajero. Hats off the way you boost me to try again and again till I learn how to get success. Also a very big thanks to our support team @Mario Cornejo as SL @M.Seidam as CF and @Hisham Masaadas SW for keeping an eye on us so that everyone can enjoy safely. Appreciate your guidance, support and help. (Great team) Would like to get some suggestion r
  3. @Wrangeld Yes i got meeting point link its available in drive details. Only required radio frequency. Hi @Thomas Varghese Eid Mubarak Yes got it 👍 Thanks for the list of channels😊
  4. Hi @Wrangeld Eid Mubarak Thanks for an early update ... i m so excited for this drive because its my first IM and fully prepare to face challenges keeping in mind that safety first. love the convoy list as four Pajero’s are together👌 I request.. please post meeting point link and radio channel frequency number. Thanks 😊
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