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  1. @Vanessa8580 & @Foxtrot Oscar - thank you for a very enjoyable drive yesterday. Lots of learning & importantly fun - thanks to your encouragements, patience & importantly your easy flowing, witty communication styles. It was fun & looking forward to joining a drive with you in the future. Good driving with everyone & wish you a great week ahead.
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  3. Thank you @Chaitanya D a fantastic scenic drive with lots of learning too! You were very encouraging and patient at the same time. Thanks to @Gavin Hill and @Tbone too and looking forward to the next drive.
  4. IT was a fantastic learning experience & getting to know everyone on this morning's drive, & looking forward to meeting up in future drives, thanks to @Ale Vallecchi @Jeepie for your teaching & guiding us. See you again
  5. Hi, Here are my details - I had to bail out of the 2 previous drives last minute so looking forward to finally doing this Car: 2020 Prado 4.0L off-road experience: 4hr masterclass on 31 Dec with Srikumar + 1-2 drives since then front and rear tow hooks / eyelets: yes tire deflator: yes tire pressure gauge: yes off-road flag: yes air compressor: yes Thanks, Soumya
  6. Thank you Fredric, looking forward to being there on 8th Jan for my 1st formal drive! My car: I have a 2020 Prado GXR 4L which I will be driving for this drive. Off-road experience: I lived in Nairobi, Kenya for the last 4 years before moving to Dubai in August 20 & so have maybe about 15-20 total hrs of driving on safari trails (more dirt/gravel tracks) with a 2006 Land Cruiser V8. Most recently on 31st Dec 2020, I took the 4 hr Off Road Newbie Masterclass with Srikumar Murli, which was a fantastic learning experience. Gear: Confirmed 2 tow hooks in front, 1 in back + deflator, compressor, flag, shovel etc.
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