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  1. Hello @Lorenzo Candelpergher sorry I’ve had a issue with my right shoulder and I’ll need to pull out from the drive, in fact might need to take a break for a bit as I get this sorted. I’ll miss out on what would have been my 1st fewbie+. Enjoy and see everyone sometime soon!
  2. Many happy returns @Srikumar
  3. Thanks from me too @Luca Palanca Falsini this is my 2nd drive with you - my 1st fewbie & this 5th fewbie ones. I really appreciate that you push us to do new things with an eye out for safety & learning of course - crests, pop-outs all valuable learnings on how they happen & how to fix! Thanks too to @Gaurav Soni for loaning me a flag 2nd time it fell, @Shaaz Sha & @Dodi Syahdar for their guiding roles in the drive. Wonderful to meet/ride with everyone else. See you next time!
  4. @Lucas Neo @TT_Dubai just picked up from this thread that you're from Singapore. I'm Singaporean too, so hello to you & hopefully we'll see each other in the sands one day!
  5. Apologies @Ale Vallecchi everyone, won't me able to join this drive but looking forward to joining another one of your scenic ones Ale, hopefully someone on waitlist can take the spot!
  6. Belated many happy returns @Gaurav.
  7. Great paced drive with a good mix of everything including a good view of gazelles and the bar in the middle of the desert thanks @Yousef Alimadadi . Always great to keen on the learning experience with @Chaitanya D @Nabil Bishara in the drives. Great experience riding with everyone, till next. Some pics of the day, have a good weekend.
  8. @Chaitanya D thank you for an enjoyable & educational drive. Lots of firsts for me - 1st night drive, 1st time 2nd lead & 1st time stuck on top of a dune! Always used to wonder why cars get stuck on the crest, now I know 1st hand ;-)! Great experience demystifying night driving - very enjoyable & lots of learning, thanks too to @Wrangeld @Jeepie @GauravSoni
  9. Sorry to hear @Lorenzo Candelpergher hope to drive with you in the future & looking forward to 3rd drive with you @Ale Vallecchi!
  10. Thank you too @Ale Vallecchi - learnt a lot about ridge riding & driving focusing on both ride quality & importantly safety which you always keep reminding us of & the need to act swiftly but safely. Was a very enjoyable drive too. Thanks too to 1st lead, CF & sweep @Niki Patel @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ @Nabil Bishara for your support & guidance too. Till next!
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